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First off, has anyone ever heard of My Way Vacations, or dealt with them? They have addresses in Wilmington DE and Lancaster PA. We would like to find out if they are an legitimate business, and we cannot find out any information on the internet. We made the mistake of being sucked into purchasing, (to the tune of $3, 900, ) a travel/vacation type plan when last in Mazatlan, and we had said no to their timeshare pitch; but of course they wouldn't let go until we left some money behind. Have to learn not to be polite. Anyhow, with this My Way Vacation plan, --we were to receive 2 (complimentary) cruises over a period of a couple years, as well as all kinds of travel discounts. The process to redeeming the cruise voucher is slow and has involved sending two sums of fifty dollars each, and a $4.95, -all to different addresses. Each time you think you are at the end, and you get another certificate to send someplace. Passport to Travel, i.e. PTS Travel, in Tampa Fl was supposed to redeem this "complimentary" cruise, and when $100.00 was asked for after all the money we have spent, --we just stopped. We can't keep sending good money after bad; especially after the negative reports I have read here about PTS Travel. I fear we will end up with nothing. By Email, the supposed CEO of My Way Vacations tried to reassure me theirs was a legitimate company, but all of this has us concerned. We had thought if we got the cruise, it would partially offset the amount paid for this plan, --but I just don't dare to try and use it anymore. Does anyone know anything about My Way Vacations, or their tie in with Passport to Travel? I am weary, and guess this is a write off. My husband has been ill and I can't keep putting effort into this. Thanks for any info.


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    Judy Vane Jul 30, 2011

    Chase is re-instating my charge. I still feel violated, and like people above I wish there was some way for the government to shut them down. This is just plain wrong. Frankly, in my 65 years I have never ran into a situation where people bare-faced lied to you in exchange for money and got away with it. It rankles me about as deeply as I "go deep". I'd like to say now, well I'm paying for your package, now give me some weeks for 2013 as I've already paid for my 2012 vacation (less than $100 a day including taxes for Maui and Kauai condos at VRBO), but I can't find them. No phone no website, but...they can still answer Chase and make sure they get my money, even if closed.

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  • Ju
    Judy Vane Jul 23, 2011

    I Feb. 2011 I was promised 100 premier weeks at $239 to $339 a week. When the package came, all I got was a nifty plastic luggage tag, a book with addresses to contact a hotel directly (some of which expired in 2008) and a website, There was only one room in Hawaii I found for 11 months out and it cost $2800. It was a non ocean view room at the Sheraton. I'm fighting this through Chase Visa, who says they are now reinstating the charge, because the contract says it's non refundable. The contract does promise me premier condo rooms at $549 a week. Now the website is closed, and the telephone number is disconnected. I feel like the people above who were skinned. I feel very violated.

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  • Tr
    truthfulfacts Jun 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    PTS Travel is not affiliated with comnpanies that offer presentations. PTS only provides fulfillment services for travel products. They are an award winning company that provides services for thousands of satisfied passengers every year. It is unfortunate that many companies that use PTS services misrepresent the terms and conditions of travel.

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  • Bi
    Bill Gillam Dec 22, 2010

    If anyone can ever get a good address on Dianalyn Clayton, ceo of My Way Vacations. Send me a email. [email protected] I will go there and sue them and get the police after them. I checked out addresses in Sierra Vista, AZ and Wilmington, Delaware and was told by Attorney General offices in both states that they were not at the listed addresses. The police are going to have to get after her. lets find out where she is and I'll lead the action. I am going to set up non profit organiczation to go after these people. I was ripped off in Mazatlan also. Am sending email with info to consulate and then Mexican government office. That [censor] needs to be in jail. Lets get her.
    Bill Gillam

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  • Bi
    Bill Gillam Aug 14, 2010

    MY wife and I went to a time share briefing at La Jolla in Mazatlan. 15 Feb. 2010. Turned down the offer because we have better. Processsing out we talked to a Canadian, X hockey player who pucked us out of $2, 200.00, didn't keep his name. Promised us : buy one get one free airline ticket in USA or Mexico, buy one get one cruise and a free week vacation for My
    Way Vacations. I am a 73 year old retired Army LT Colonel and have been to all 50 states and 90 countries/territories. Will be 95 by November after we get back from a 14 day Danube River trip to Hungary - going there 3 days early, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. I tried to book 2 flights and a cruise and I bought each cheaper that the buy one get one free. For the one week resort they want $413.00 just to get started before taxes. I booked five nights in Las Vegs for $264.59 with 2 all inclusive meals at 7 resorts. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF ON 3 PRESENTATIONS FOR A TOTAL OF $11, 400.00. $5, 500.00 in 2 days in Mazatlan. I will spend the rest of my life going after all 3 companies. They are all liars, crooks and robbers. The government has to put an end to this. They all have someone make the presentation, they take our money but supposedly the company presented didn't get nothing. I really doubt this. Then, as stated you are sent to 2-3 different companies and they do nothing as promised and as previously stated we have to pay money for applications. It took me 13 and 14 months to get promised items with a company - Coast to Coast Grand Getaways of Sarasota, FL. This is the biggest scam-fraud - robbery I have had. The resort was to be worth $2, 250.00 a week but it was the worst I ever saw. I am going to the Govenors and BBB in the states and other agencies who want to stop fraud and robbery. Also the ambassadors of the USA, Mexico and even England, Portugal and Canada because that where the liars-crooks and robbers are from that I was involved with. They need to run the people down and run them out of Mexico. I can't get an address on My Way Vacations either but will write the BBB and Governors in Delaware and Arizona. Hopefully someone will help me get my money back. If not, I will do everything I can to put them out of business, investigataed, fined and put in jail. Contact me at [email protected] Let's get them.
    Bill - In Viet Nam and Cambodia with the 4th Infantry Division in 1970 I was awarded 4 Bronze Stars, 3 Air Medals for approximately 500 helicopter missions in and out of fire bases. I was the supply officer for the 2d Brigade for 6 months and the entire Division for five months. On 4 occasions I saved a total of 16 lives and I just AIN'T accepting this robbery.
    Being robbed of $11, 400.00 is not acceptable. They need to be in JAIL.

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  • Ed
    Ed S Jun 16, 2010

    I was shocked to find these comments here. I came to this site as a result of researching another company and out of curiosity looked up a few others that we deal with. My wife and I purchased the My Way Vacations membership in Mazatlan almost two years ago and we received a number of the gift bonuses, including the cruise for 2, which we took last year. I agree it was somewhat of a pain to go through the redemption process but we got our reservation and thoroughly enjoyed our 7 night Mexico Caribbean cruise. The actual price we paid for taxes, port fees, processing, etc. came to a total of $561.95, including the initial $4.95 fee to get your registration form. Personally, I was happy with the overall price and the cruise but I did report to their support department that I didn't like the "nickle and dime" part of the process.

    They obviously listen to their members since they have changed their gifts. Which leads me to the fact that it seems most of the complaints here are about the "bonuses", which are gifts given by My Way Vacations for joining their membership. I think that is rude and depicts an unfair picture of the company: to criticize the gifts being given.

    As far as I can determine, there is only one legitimate complaint about the actual membership and obviously the person was already a member of RCI where he could get wholesale priced resort weeks. But that doesn't make My Way Vacations bad, in fact, it only demonstrates that they deliver what they say in their contract.

    Maybe you need to talk to a real member who is using the membership. Contact me, Ed, anytime at [email protected] My experience has been nothing but positive and I have witnessed a company that listens and is constantly evolving and improving. They just added a timeshare exchange partner - as if what they offered was not enough!

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  • Ri
    Rippedofftravel Jan 25, 2010

    STAY AWAY, you will end up paying more than what it would be to book online and do it yourself. They will take your money and they are so well versered that I do not know how they sleep at night.
    Very Hurt Client

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  • Ri
    rickdware38 Jan 25, 2010

    PTS is a fake company! Watch out!

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  • Ri
    rickdware38 Jan 25, 2010

    I sent in money for a vacation over a year ago and I never received my vacation. They are fake [email protected] Watch out for them they will take your money!

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  • Ja
    J&P Jan 21, 2010

    We arew in Mazatlan now (1/20/10) and were offered this My Way Vacation alternative after visiting La Jolla and declining to buy. At the pitch is sounds too good to be true (okay - usually is, right?), so we are doing our homework.

    Is there ANYONE out there who has purchased this membership and actually followed it through? Has anyone used it to book their next "timeshare" vacation anywhere? Can ANYONE give some insight into this program? What we're reading here seems to be problems with the cruise side of the offer...any other input - good or bad?

    AND - any chance of looking over a contract? If you have one you are willing to share, we'd love to hear from you.

    Jeff & Paula [email protected]

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  • Aa
    A&P Dec 09, 2009

    My take on the Mazatlan (and possibly other Mexican locations) connection and My Way Vacations is that it's a huge scam. The con artists locating themselves in numerous timeshare resorts in Mazatlan have created a new swindle that preys on folks that say NO to timeshare tour pitches. The "pitch of last resort" is to pass NO-sayers onto a last ditch pitch man who tailors their pitch to your reason for saying NO to the timeshare sale.

    Do you just want a cruise? Do you just want one extra week for your stay in Mazatlan? The con artist pitchman of last resort then says just what you want to hear and says its only X thousands of dollars for "exactly" what you want! The KEY is what paperwork you actually sign, of course. If you carefully read the paperwork you sign, you will see that what you actually bought was a membership to My Way Vacations and little if anything more. All the promises verbally made by the con artist pitchman seem to be overridden or totally ignored in the written CONTRACT you sign.

    As to My Way Vacations, they are in my opinion totally complicit in this scam. How much so and to what extent they financially profit from the thousands of dollars paid by the scammed NO-sayers is unknown. I do know this however, most if not all of the offers on the My Way Vacations website can be obtained at a cheaper price by simply going to AAA Travel or many other resources. The timeshare deals offered by My Way Vacations are same ones offered as Extended or Last Minute Vacations on RCI and other legit sources. The hotel discounts offered by My Way Vacations are less than ones that you can easily obtain from numerous other legit sources.

    The website for My Way Vacations can be accessed at Note that they clearly state that "Membership enrollment is sold only through resorts and marketing entities that are licensed by My Way Vacations, LLC, a Delaware corporation." If My Way Vacations LICENSES ENTITIES to sell their Memberships, they are complicit in this SCAM!

    Sometime in November 2009, My Way Vacations sent out a Change of Address notice that stated "Please make a note of the new address for your correspondence:

    My Way Vacations, LLC
    J Kramer Distribution Svs.
    1620 E. Fry Blvd.
    Suite C5-285
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

    Most Sincerely,

    Dianalyn Clayton
    CEO, My Way Vacations, LLC

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  • Da
    D & M Nov 11, 2009

    We are having the same problem. I also bought the certificate for cruise for 2 for $50 at my work. We also paid another $50 registration fee. When we call we can never talk to anyone and the recording says they will call us back in 24-48 hrs. They would call back to answer questions, but now that we are ready to book the cruise, they will not call us back. We have been calling them almost daily for about 2 weeks in order to book the cruise and they will not call back. I have the same question "has ANYONE actually gone on one of these cruises - smart circle or PTS.

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  • Ma
    M & M Aug 26, 2009

    Has anyone ever followed all the way through & gone on one of these $50 (so-called) cruises? These people (smart circle club - PTS travel cert.) were at my work place (so I thought it would be legit) & said that they routinely set up at Sam's Club (so they must be ok?). Cruise for 2 people cost $50 (stated would have to pay port fees (about $150)when reserving) - ok, have to pay those anyway. States on back $50 registration fee (didn't realize that meant extra $50) + $130 agency fees. So whole thing about $380 for 2 people - REALLY cheap for Royal Car for 7 day cruise. NOW I'm reading all the bad stuff. Didn't mind risking $50, but don't want to throw away $380.

    BUT has ANYONE actually gone on one of these cruises - smart circle or PTS?? help.

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  • Ke
    keaweboy15 Aug 24, 2009

    we spent 2500.00 in mazatlan at torrenza for this my way vacations package. you could probably get it cheaper if you wanted but don't. its a waste of your time. you can get better deals online. do not listen to a word your salesman says when you go to that presentation. first they try and get you to buy their condos and if you finally say no to that then another guy will take you to this room and try and sell this my way vacations package for a much cheaper amount then the other packages. there is a good reason!!! it's crap! while we were at the presentation they lied to us multiple times telling us we could stay at pueblo buenito emerald bay for their discounted price and fly for extremely cheap...bull...we contacted the director of my way vacations when we got home and we were informed that the salesman are not associated with my way vacations even though the guy told us that he worked for them and not torrenza which was the reason he could offer us that deal. they also include a (free) vacation for you if you buy their product. when i say free i don't mean free. we specifically asked the salesman how much the trip would cost us and he said only 50.00 which was stated on the certificate. lies, lies, lies! they don't tell you about the port fee and a 4.95 processing fee for the papers. the trip totals out to be around 250.00 which really isn't bad but it's the principle that is so upsetting. all said and done we were lied to and we made a bad decision. usually i would never leave my information but this has been such a nuiscance to my wife and i that im going to. if you are reading this and you're at the presentation please call me!!!
    my name is cale anderson and you can reach me at [protected].

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