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Dr Jan 11, 2017 Manassas, VA

I travel internationally for work and my husband is not very handy at home maintenance so we signed on with the My Plumber Priority Club($20/month buys one access to priority customer service and reduced pricing for services) when we encountered a small problem with one of our heat pumps. It took four calls to customer service to get someone out to our house to do the repair work. They said they replaced a fan that had been put in wrong when our house was built, and the charge was $1600! About one week after this, something else went wrong and we had to call them back(another $1200). It got to the point where it seemed that every time they came out something else would go wrong with the system they had worked on. As I was traveling so much for work, I asked my husband to call a different vendor if something went wrong with our heating and/or AC. He had the $1500 air purifier installed(no difference in air quality) and called someone else when our second heat pump needed coolant(the cost was less than $150 (attributed to a screw missing at the site of the fan?) ! We kept the $20 per month membership just in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, one morning in March, my husband woke to no water. I was unavailable, so in a panic, he called My Plumber. Eleven hours later, when I was available, I learned that My Plumber had diagnosed a broken well pump switch (4 year old well, the switch was supposed to last 25 years). They would not honor the warranty because they "don't do that"...An exact quote)and the bill was more that $6000.00.

While home on vacation over the holidays, I added up the repair bills from My Plumber for an 18 month period and was shocked to see they totaled more than $11, 000.00 over an 18 month period. I called today to cancel our priority membership and was told the manager would have to decide if I could cancel it! I called my credit card company and had My Plumber marked as an unauthorized vendor and they will not be allowed to charge to my account. For those of you who paid your bill with a credit card, check to see if your credit card company will dispute a price-gouged charge on your behalf. My credit card company does this if the overcharge is reported with 90 days of receipt of your statement. Hopefully, I will never need it again, but it's nice to know it is there.

Stay away from My Plumber. Their repair work is shotty and overpriced, and they wouldn't know customer service if it bit them in their hind parts. Greater than $11000.00 for repairs on a four year old home(purchased new)? Buyers beware!!!

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