My Bank, Regionscertegy check cashing services

L Aug 02, 2018

First I tried to deposit the $500.00 check and use a small portion for gas and to pay back a couple of friends. I was told they could not do that. They had to keep full amt. in bank and was going to open a small savings.

Then I tried to just cash the check and after waiting quite awhile was denied on my Mothers check. They used my SSI # . After the embarrassment and the anger, I tried several other places and then though of K-mart who is usually very good cashing checks. They denied me. Certegy. I called them, you cannot speak to anyone and I did not get a reason for the decline.

My Mom made me tear up check and she will send a different way. this took 4 days in the mail. My Mom is 90. We don't need this.

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