My 2016 ford f250 6.7 diesel with 7300 milescontinually loses power and front starts shakinh

D Sep 02, 2018

This is what I wrote to Roberson Ford in Albany Oregon where I bought this truck new.

2016 Ford f-250 I continue to have problems with the motor losing power than starts missing, front end starts shaking and motor starts rattling. I am unable to power out of this, I have to let up and it eventually goes away. It has gotten worse sense the last time you have worked on this. It happens just about every day going up North Albany road to Gibson hill, it also has happened when I was traveling up the highway at about 65 mph towing a trailer. There has been no warning lights.
Also I had you service my truck at 4800 miles which you stated that you filled the exhaust filter cleaning fluid. Which states in my manual and Ford website that it should last around 5000 miles. I had to refill this at 2500 miles after the truck was serviced because of a low fluid warning, don't know if this has anything to do with the motor problems or it just didn't get filled as stated.
This has been very frustrating having a new truck that cost as much as it did run continually like crap. I will be contacting corporate Ford with the same message to see if they are able to help you fix this problem. I am not the only one having this problem with this motor and year of truck, seems to be quite a few out there.
Please document all that is done or has been done to my truck to help fix this problem, so I have a record of this.

Thank You W.Dean Bentley 9/4/18

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