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MX EnergyTotally unethical

I signed up with MX Energy 3 years ago in New Jersey as a natural gas supplier under a Fixed Rate Plan, 3 year contract. Have never missed a payment to Public Service, who then pays MX. Contract is up and MX is saying I owe $1, 800.00.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how someone can owe that high of a balance on a fixed rate plan as they make adjustments to the fee according to usage, which this company seemed to jump from one end of the spectrum to another, going from $35 to $272.00, and I live alone. I tried to call them and request my records, they never sent them, called BPU, who has been less than helpful, but they did force someone from MX called who did not leave any message at all, finally got the records which are totally inexplicable, and got into an argument with representative of MX, as they talk in circles. So it seems Public Service is the billing agent for MX although they have not been able to explain anything either, but they say I may get a shut off notice even though I have paid every bill sent so far, with the $1, 800 exception to MX because they cannot or will not explain how this could occur.

I canceled my contract with MX and now am talking to an attorney to see what to do before I contact some TV station to make them explain, but do not sign up with MX, their practices are totally unethical.


  • Ma
    Marty08 Oct 15, 2011

    This company in Ohio is a rip off. Customer service is bad. I had to call twice to cancel. My elderly father was tied into a contract paying 3 times the fixed rate of any other gas suppliers. I don't know how he even got into this contract with them. He didn't remember signing with anyone. The only thing that could have happened is a dishonest door to door salespeople they send around, signed him up. The company could not provide any information on that. By the time I checked his bills he had been over paying for 2 years. They wanted $25.00 to change to a lower rate or cancel. I told them to cancel. I was worth the $25. The company is a big RIP OFF.

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  • Da
    daexwife Feb 21, 2011

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  • De
    debmcg Feb 17, 2011

    I paid my bill by electronic transfer from my bank on 1/31/2010. It asks to give them 3 business days to transfer the funds. At the latest the payment would have been directly transferred to mxenergy by 2/4/2011. I received a bill from mxenergy on Feb 16th saying my payment was late and they would discontinue my service if I didn't pay it by March 1st. It showed on my online bank statement that the money had been transferred. I called the accounting dept and they acknowledged that they had received the payment, but it was received on Feb 10th, one day after Feb the 9th so I was still suppose to pay the late fee to them. I said, "You mean, payment was POSTED on Feb 10th." He said yes. I will double check with my bank today to see when the funds were actually transfered. I wonder how many other people this has happened to. Oh, by the way, on my account at mxenergy web site, it still says I owe them for January. I live in Georgia.

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  • Da
    David 11 Feb 02, 2011

    I agree MX Energy has poor customer service. I am currently working in Afganistan. My account was set up on auto pay. When I came home last year for a visit ( Aug 2010) I had to get a new debit card. The new debit card number was different. MX Energy had my old debit card on file. I called them while I was home and gave them my checking and routing account numbers. I told them to use this method for payment because the debit card on file wouldn't work. They said they would take care of this. I had to make several phone calls to MX Energy once I returned overseas. I was receiving past due notices to my home. My financee was going by my house and checking my mail. After 4 months they still had not set my account up properly to come from my checking account. I told them I was moving to another gas company. They didn't try to fix the problem or apoligize. Worst customer service ever. Don't use them.

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  • Mx
    MXripoffohio Dec 03, 2010

    From Ohio...Had a 3 year MX energy contract which I knew was ending in November but did not know "the closing date". Two months before the "date" I contacted MX via email so I would have a record of what was said. I was told after many requests that my current price per ccf would end with the November 19 local gas company meter reading. I was home that day and called MX to cancel. That was a Friday. Following Tuesday I signed with another company. Thought that was the end of their association with me. Yesterday I received a billing from MX energy for $25 for "early termination". Their pink bill said that my contract ended in November 2011 which is a lie first of all because it ends in 2010 and if it were true, I would be liable for a $150 early termination. So it is just bogus all the way around. The contract definitely ends in 2010 however there was no date. I sent the email conversation back to MX energy showing in their own written record the changeover date was with the meter reading. They still say I owe the $25. I have since filed a complaint with my state's PUCO and Ohio's Atty General to get them delisted as an approved supplier. They are unethical and I would not do business with them again.

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  • Te
    Tearah Nov 19, 2010

    Is this website MX Energy or a complaint board working to help people deal with big company scams?

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  • Te
    Tearah Nov 19, 2010

    I got a bill from a Financial Inst. stating I own $600 from a bill almost 6 years ago. When I called MX Energy. They self reported that I called them and signed up. I also called my local BGE who reported I never was billed for this company. MX Energy has yet to produce any calls that I made stating I wanted to sign up for this. Can someone tell me what law firm I need to contact because they are trying to destory my credit and my name.

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  • Mi
    miss mags Sep 19, 2010

    I left MX Energy to go to a competitor that offers honest, true and much more competitive pricing. MX pricing is NOT competitive - in NJ that is. You will be throwing $ away. DONT sign up with them especially on FIXED pricing.

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  • Co
    ConfusedMxEmployeeinNJ Aug 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i just started working for MxEnergy about 2 weeks ago.. I am extremely nevous about these reports i am seeing.. i had my family and friends join this.. someone please help... Confused in NJ

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  • Ke
    Ken Werbacher Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They just came around tonight in an old car. very talkative with no real substance. I sent them away after I took the plate number.

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  • Dk
    dksnj Dec 31, 2009

    Unbelievable! I just cancelled my account with MX Energy after a TON of time wasted trying to locate their phone number, and was informed that not only have I been paying higher rates for my gas consumption over the last year and a half, but now I have to pay a cancellation fee! WTF!! I hope everyone chooses to opt out like myself and the company tanks. Tired of dealing with companies that have no customer service and treat their customers like they are dispensable.

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  • In
    In NJ Nov 06, 2009

    I enrolled my business with MX Energy, in NJ, a year ago and never had a problem, and have saved considerable money with them! I do not know how you could be so unhappy. I had more aggravation with PSE&G, and whoever they said I could get my Gas from! You must be confused, or unfortunate. I hope you can see the forest for the trees.

    Happy & Richer in NJ!

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  • Sh
    Shayne_T Oct 13, 2009

    Yes my name is Shayne and i was recently enrolled as an employee at MX energy. so forth i have not heard any complaints here in Ohio but i would like to know more about everybody else. I am just doing some homework on all the competition and checking everybody's complaints and everybody's thanks. If you don't mind write to me @ [email protected] and help me figure out everybody's problem with this company.

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  • Mi
    michael r. english Aug 18, 2009

    yes, i am a mxenergy gas customer, in i am not so well i mean i suffer form mental illness, an some time i forgets.somethings, some times.which this time have got me in some trouble with mxenergy i forgot arrangement that i thank i make with mxenergy.i still don;t remember the arrangement, my complaint is i need just a little more time to pay what owe to, mxenergy on the 8/25/2009, they will cut me off gas service, i ask for time of 9/3/2009, so you can see my complaint. just a littler more time, i will pay $266.00, on that date which will take care of the arrangement. michael r.english, acct#[protected] phone#[protected].complaint. THANKS

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  • Te
    texasrho104 Jun 30, 2009

    Wow clearly lots of you guys do not understand deregulation. Now for some of you that are griping you probably don't have much of a choice, but for the majority you have a distribution company which owns your pipes and does you servicing then you have the second part that does your billing and gives a choice on whether you would like high bills or lower ones. Obviously most of you are ignorant in how plans work and do not read agreements. Possibly MX has a fixed rate plan which could freeze your actual rate charged. But the ones of you that are actually griping about having to pay extra money at the end of the plan are the "victims" of what is called a balloon payment on a budget billing fixed price plan. While the amount you would pay per month is fixed the amount that you use is not therefore you will have to pay for it at some later points. Some companies actually will adjust to make sure you have no big payment at the end but then again there will be problems like if a customer said I was paying 120 and now I pay 140. All that MX does is send you a bill. For the people that don't understand what a fixed budget plan is read your Terms of Service and word to the wise when you sign up for anything read agreements. If you actually look at them they tell you how long, what price, and what happens after your agreement is up. As for shady D2D guys there are some, but a majority of them just want to help. In Texas we have the Public Utilities Commission of Texas and all complaints go to them for investigation which are handled promply maybe there are some government entities in your states also.

    I hope that some of you have been helped by some of this information as to what the difference between a fixed-rate plan (fixing the actual rate) and a budget rate plan (fixing the overall price you pay) is. Any other questions? I'd like to help

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  • Ki
    Kimberly2 Jun 20, 2009

    MX Energy in Kentucky is not like this at all. They have great customer service and do not charge these sky high fees. They offer fixed rates which in turn help there customers save money. MX Energy in Kentucky does not ask you to switch over to them, you still keep your same gas company (Colombia Gas), you only enroll in their savings program.

    If you live in Kentucky, this is not the case, I can not vouch for any other state, but I know that it isn't like this if you are a Colombia Gas customer.

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  • Pe
    pete Jun 09, 2009

    I cannot stand this company, here is what happen our previous company went bankrupt, so MX enegry took over but we were not informed that this took place. So for 4-5 months we were paying our old gas company in the meantime we were incurring charges with MX enegry and didn't know so we get a bill of 850.00 dollars, when we ask them to explain they say they were sorry for the mistake they made in not sending the bill properly, but still have to pay the late charge and fees!!! Customer service is a joke and they do talk in circles so you will get frustrated!!! I wanted to sue them...Help

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  • Fo
    foundthis May 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    /URL removed/

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  • De
    Deliah May 13, 2009

    Does anyone has suggestions on how to fight a large company like this if they do decide to throw a $1.000 bill at my family. My dad isn't a native english speaker so he never realized that our gas supplier was switched to MX energy till recently they sent us a letter thanking us for choosing them. But apparently going back a year's worth of bills, they have been in their service. But we were totally unaware of it and there never seemed to be a contact on their part to tell us we were signed up with them till recently. Usually when my dad pays bills, since he doesn't understand all the numbers and mumbo jumbo he just writes a check out to the amount due.

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  • Cu
    Customer In Georgia Apr 24, 2009

    I have not encountered a problem with huge amounts owed on my fixed rate/budget bill plan. However, the company recently failed to post a payment for 11 days, then added a late fee which I was told I had to pay and they would credit my account on the next bill. The next day I received a disconnect notice due to my "late payment". In every situation with the customer service reps they are of no help. As another has stated on these threads, they just talk in circles and say "we will note your account".

    So in no way is the company doing anything to assist me with their error. Now with the account, by their mistake, showing late payments if I do make a simple mistake and pay late I will be removed from my budget plan and it would take two months for me to be added back on.

    Having read the other postings here on MX I will certainly be watching my bills for the cummulative amount owed from here on out.

    Frustration at the highest degree.

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  • To
    Tom Mar 23, 2009

    The same thing happened to me in Georgia. Signed up for a 3 year fixed payment plan. Paid the payments as required & then suddenly one day I find out that I "owed" $1, 500 with the rip off rates this company was charging all along.

    This company is a fraud with the worst possible customer service reps. They're very helpful when they are signing you up but they do not tell you all of the details at that time.

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  • Wo
    wontsay Feb 14, 2009

    president = jeffrey meyer [email protected]

    Hope this helps

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  • Sc
    Scott Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Patrick,

    I am going through the exact same situation and I live in Illinois. We were also on the budget plan paying about $85/month and when we called last week to cancel our account with MX Energy and instead go directly to our provider (Nicor) we specifically asked them about the balance due and they didn't indicate anything out of the ordinary and my wife said she had just sent the last months payment of the usual $85 so we figured everything was good until today when we received a bill for $1947! I am ready to lose my mind!!!

    I could probably leave my windows open all winter and not use up that amount of gas. We have a high efficiency furnace, insulation in all the walls and new windows so it is impossible to use that amount of gas. I am furious and I can't wait to get on the phone with these clowns tomorrow morning.

    I'm glad I found a similar story and please let me know what you find out from your attorney or if you contact a TV station.

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