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MVQ*SHOPESSPLUS 877-442-5774 CTUnauthorized charges to my credit card

I have received charges to my credit card that I did not authorize. Charges indicate MVQ*SHOPESSPLUS [protected] CT


  • Ka
    kanaka d rangana Sep 17, 2009

    hey..yes for me also..they charged me $19.95 ..i cant understand what i have to do?please help me out...

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  • Tr
    treasure 05 Sep 29, 2009

    I have been charged $11.95 for 3 months in a row, and can never get through when I call their 877 number to find out what gives. My bank has been of no help whatsoever, and I am so frustrated!

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  • 2c
    2 Cents Sep 30, 2009

    I am having the same problem and I have contacted the company however if I get no action within 7 days I plan to report my cc as lost.
    Just My 2 Cents

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  • La
    lawyer09 Oct 15, 2009

    I just spoke with them, they cancelled my "account" that I never signed up for and said they would refund my account. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.

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  • Er
    ErikaLee Oct 20, 2009

    This place must be a scam. I never authorized any charges for their services, if they even have a service. I put a dispute on my Discovercard account. I will let them deal with them for me. So crazy!

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  • Lg
    L Goldy Oct 20, 2009

    My daughter has charges on her credit card too! I agree that thi place is scam!

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  • Je
    jeanoliveira Nov 01, 2009

    charges on my credit card not authorized has happen now for at least for 3 months

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  • Te
    terrie king Nov 07, 2009

    who is this company I have been hit twice last month and this month for a charge of 19.95? all that showes on my bank statement is the phone number. any idea who this is?

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  • Ja
    jamesyat1 Nov 13, 2009

    i have the same problem too, this company charge me $19.95, i don't know what's going on, this place is scammmmmmmm!!

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  • Dk
    dklm Nov 16, 2009

    I just received a $19.95 charge from my bank account to, CHECKCARD 1109 MVQ*SHOPESSPLUS [protected] CT. I contacted MVQ, and spoke with 2 people with the 2nd person being Dana ID# 154103, a supervisor.
    He was not able to locate an account under my name and asked me for my cc #. I told him that I would not give him that info but obviously his company has it with charging my account without my approval. Dana explained that MVQ is a memeber savings for shopping essentials. However, I never signed up for it.
    This is a revolving montly charge so you need to take care of it right away. I cancelled my debit card. Also, in further research, this is what I found out. I constantly purchase gift certificates from I contacted Restaurant. com @ [protected] and spoke with Sara Thompson. Apparently when I took a survey, there's a small print at the bottom that you'll need to click no thanks for the shopping essentials. If you don't, ur account will be billed by MVQ monthly. The survey was way too long and I quit taking the survey by x'ing out of it. MVQ charged my account by shared info from I enjoy ordering the gift certificates from but if I have to deal with other companies having access to my bank account information, I rather just pay full price at the restaurants. Also, when speaking with Dana (Supervisor for MVQ) I asked to speak with his manager. He gave me a name David Wessing but said he was not available and that he was the highest person at his location to assist me. I asked Dana for a physical address of the location for MVQ. He said that he could only give me a corresponding mailing address which is a po box. MEMBER SAVINGS PO BOX 5152 DES PLAINES, IL [protected]. Hope that my experience with this unauthorize charge from MVQ will help you all in resolving your situations.

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  • Sd
    **sdhelper** Nov 17, 2009

    I had the same experience and have been told that since I accepted the offer I was being charged $14.95 for something I never used. I'm going to look into filing a class action law suit to get this stuff to stop happening. Obviously they're taking advantage of people here.

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  • Gw
    GW Frosch Nov 21, 2009

    I to have been scammed on using a credit card at a rstaurant known as (Stir Fry) . This company has charged my account 11.95 for not reading the fine print on the raceipt . If to my prevail, I do not get gratitude for this transaction then so be it I will make it well known through every source of legal law and close my account with the credit company. I am very dismayed at this con artist or scam . Gary

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  • Gw
    GWFROSCH Nov 23, 2009

    I ws able to get get account closed according to a person i havespoke with . Call [protected] and do not give your card number or address just hold the line and you will be redirected. This person also said this action did not transpire at reataurant but a previuos purchase ! How long has this been going on ? Please monitor your credit accounts.

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  • Fr
    freemanba1977 Nov 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was able to get my account closed through the [protected] - seems like it is all coming through the website. I guess I will just forget using their service again.

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  • We
    wendywel Dec 02, 2009

    I was charged this $19.95 fee also, in error. When I called the phone number I was told I had signed up online . I told the guy I had done no such thing and demanded a refund. I have never been to, the only places I have been are Amazon and Ebay. I have no idea where they got my info from, but it had to be from either one of those places.

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  • Mk
    mkhiga Dec 08, 2009

    I insisted on getting refunded for all previous transactions. At first they told me that only the current transaction could be refunded, but after persisting for a while they told me that they would refund all transactions. (Three in total.)

    They told me that I got on this charge from a site run by "The Stitchery". I never heard of "The Stitchery" and a quick google search led me to a few links, but I didn't recognize any of these sites.

    Skeptical if I'll ever see a refund, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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  • Mk
    mkhiga Dec 08, 2009

    I got a confirmation email from "[email protected]" saying that they cancelled my account. I wrote back and asked them to confirm that they will refund ALL transactions as they promised over the phone. I'll reluctantly, wait for their reply.

    So I wanted to find out who exactly this shoppingessentialsplus was so I looked up their MX record and got the following results:

    MX Preference | MX Record
    10 |
    20 |

    Their MX record points to so now I want to know who is. A quick visit to's home page says this: "Vertrue is the premier online marketer of affinity and loyalty membership programs." There's a page under their About page that tells you who runs this company -- it's "Gary Johnson, President & CEO of Vertrue Incorporated".

    Vertrue + Gary Johnson + scam. Search the web and see for your self...

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  • Us
    UseTheInternetWisely Dec 09, 2009

    Call [protected]. Press # to speak with a representative right away. Do not give your account information, just name and city. They quickly promised to close my account and refund all transactions. I had to speak with a supervisor to get the previous transactions refunded but she was pleasant and helpful. Be stern from the beginning but polite. It would also be wise to cancel the account for which this is concerning to ensure that it will not happen again and to have a dispute on file with your bank/credit card as a backup. Ask for Cornelia #4322 if you are having trouble. I have yet to see if they follow through with their promises but I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I suggest all of you do the same. Take care of your own accounts first and then help to prevent others from having this same problem. The company did say that they deal with so be careful when dealing with that site. They also said their are other sites with the same programs but would not give me any details so read all of the fine print.

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  • Mk
    mkhiga Dec 10, 2009

    Update: I was reimbursed for ALL of my past transactions. Albeit, I only had three transactions, but it looks like some of you had this going on for a much longer period.

    Be persistant because they will insist that they can only reimburse the current transaction. I also had to speak with a supervisor, who made the same argument about only being able to reimburse the current transaction. But after a little persistance, they agreed to reimburse all transactions.

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  • Gy
    gypped Dec 14, 2009

    So, my wife was going through our transaction records today, and asked me about a few transactions that she couldn't understand. The first few were transactions I had made with various legitimate businesses that just showed up weird. There was one, however, that I could not understand or remember for anything. It was posted as "SHOPESSPLUS" with phone number [protected] and was a charge of 19.95. There was no association of the "MVQ", although there was a numeric "account" number of some description. I did some extensive (sic) research (aka: Google search) and found this page and many others detailing the exact same circumstances. I called the [protected] number, and pressed # twice to get a live representative, literally took less than 30 seconds, and I was talking to "Tameka", ID # 7095. The weirdest part is that despite trying to remain highly secure in online transactions, she answered asking to confirm that she was speaking to (my wife's name) at (our street name). This simply off of caller ID on my cell phone number. I informed her that I was the husband of whom she had assumed, and very firmly but politely asked why my card had been charged. She muttered something that I didn't understand, and then asked if I would like to have my account cancelled. I stated that I would, and would like a refund of the charges. She was very professional as she agreed to cancel the account and stated that a refund of charges would post in 2-3 business days. Time will tell, and I will be watching my account even closer than normal. One encouraging note is that unknown to me, my wife called literally two minutes after me from another location, spoke with someone else, and was informed that the account had been cancelled and was being refunded.

    We are always careful with our transactions, only shopping from reputable sites and using secured transactions such as PayPal, and we cannot figure out any way that they could have gotten our information. This practice may not be illegal (somehow), but it is highly unethical and immoral. I can only imagine that their willingness to refund the charges to those who call is because of all the people who don't call about the recurring charges. They're still making a killing, because for each person who demands a refund there are dozens more who don't.

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  • Jy
    jyfran Dec 14, 2009

    i was also charge by $19.95 with this same merchant, i didnt know what is this for. I need to dispute it to my credit card company. This is obviously unauthorized payment.

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  • Co
    Coachmorris36 Dec 14, 2009

    Just got off the phone with SHOPSESSPLUS regarding 4 unauthorized charges of $14.99 to my charge card. They finally agreed to return the last charge but after I told them I was turning it over to MasterCard they "immediately" agreed to return all 4 payments via credit to my card.

    We don't recall signing up for any kind of service and they never explained satisfactorily what services I was supposed to receive for the payments.

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  • Mk
    Mkatherine72588 Jan 28, 2010

    I have been charged since August 2009 and it is now January 2010. I emailed the company and asked for a refund and stated that i have never heard of their company. This is ridiculous!!

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  • Re
    revelartist Feb 04, 2010

    How about if everyone here on this chat site meets with the owners of MVQ out in the back parking lot...

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  • Sc
    ScottNTexas Feb 06, 2010

    Found the same thing talked to customer service very nicely. Had the service canceled and then asked for the other charges to be removed. She could not do it but said I could speak to a supervisor. I talked to Rose and said that I did not recall and did not agree to any charges. That I felt this was deceptive trade practices and could she refund the charges or do I need to go through other legal avenues. Again all very calm and very nice. She said i would receive a refund for all charges within the next 5 business days.

    I do think this company needs to be reported to their state's attorney general..

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  • Ju
    June Alexander Feb 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had gone to the website (also known as after seeing the reputable Ben Stein, comedian and financial wizard doing an ad on TV...Just thought I'd look to see what my credit score was...I started filling out the 1st page which asked for CC info and prior to the end of that first page I decided there were better ways to obtain my score. I cleared out what I had filled in and left the site. I NEVER got to the page where the CC is authorized for payment...The next thing I know two weeks later a charge showed up on my CC, "MVQ CREDITS CO for $29.95...I called my CC company and was told to wait 30 days until I could file a dispute. I did so and now MVQ has 60 days to answer, but thus far no one from MVQ has responded (it's been 21 days since the dispute was filed)...No reputable company would NOT respond to an inquiry...Unfortunately, when you call there is an automated answering service and no way to talk to a "live" person, not even by trying to bypass the system by dialing "0"...Fortunately, I have an excellent credit record with the CC company paying my bill in full monthly so they will dismiss the charge should this MVQ Co. not respond. But why are companies such as this one allowed to dupe people out of money time and time again as I see by the complaints on your website. I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!!

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  • Pi
    Pissed off #2 Mar 12, 2010

    Company is a scam. I found out how I got involved with them. I ordered some business cards from Vista and when I ordered the cards I unknowingly joined this so-call company They have gotten me for $38.90 for 12 months. I thought this was something my wife had done so I never questioned it until today [protected])

    I called the Vista Card Company. they sad they would havw someone call me. They never did.

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  • Un
    uniqueana Mar 30, 2010

    I too found charges on my credit card from Shopessplus. I called the number on my statement [protected]. No answer. I tried again and Bill #4710 answered. I told him that I had found charges to my card from them and I wanted to know what they were about and wanted to cancel that membership. He asked for my name, zip code and phone number. Told me that my last statement charge would be refunded and membership cancelled. I was then transferred to a supervisor (Sandy) who told me that my membership was cancelled that I would be refunded for my last two charges (all I had) within 2-3 business days and would show up on my credit card statement within five. I asked for a letter stating that my account was closed and that my refunds were going to be made. I received an email with this information. I was expecting a fight, but everything went very smoothly

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  • Mb
    Mbic Apr 09, 2010

    Found unauthorized charges on my Debit Card, got a call from my bank and checked it. Followed instructions on this site from one of the comments and called to cancel. They were actually very cooperative. gave me back credits also after talking to a supervisor.

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  • El
    ElisaDi1213 May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had thi scompnay take out $13.95 or $11.95 each month for over a year. The worst part was that my credit card company fought for a 6 month refund but that was it. SO I still am out a lot of money.

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  • Mi
    michael stevens Nov 25, 2010

    i bought sunglasses from a late night tv informercial. the next day i received a phone call from some outfit thanking me for my purchase which automatically qualified me for membership to a fantastic savings program. the rep. went on and on trying to sign me up for a myriad of savings programs. i adametly refused everything. this was 6 mo. ago. i just received my latest cc statement and noticed it was maxed out. acompany called MVQ privacy matters123 had been taking29.95/mo charges out of my account for the last 6 mo. i contacted them and found out they are a credit report co. this is very confusing. i began tracking them on my computer and kept coming up with a different company name every time i hit enter. i was contacted by [email protected] claiming they would address my email inquiry in 2 to 3 business days. they also go by the title of "membership savings" and "MVQ best benefits". "privacy matters" agreed to close my membership and refund my last 29.95. thats as far as i've gotten with them. i'd like to say 'they haven't heard the last from me" but i wouldn't know which co. to complain to. they also were very polite.

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  • Mo
    momof2miracles Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed this company had been charging us for the past 2 years to the tune of 350.+ . I called them TODAY to make sure they were not charging us anymore- they said they canceled our membership 4 months ago and would only reimburse me for ONE MONTH! WHAT a crock of CRAP! Please advise ALL of your friends to NOT USE RESTAURANTS.COM- they are working with these scammers and taking advantage of people trying to save money. I wouldn't have ever done a coupon if i'd known it was going to cost me 18 times more than we saved!!!
    The people at the call center are heartless and I'm happy to jump on board with anyone whose wanting justice against this shady company!
    I spoke with a supervisor and my husband will have his try with them tomorrow- they did nothing by lie about how my husband knew what he was signing when he signed up online- crap again!

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