• Sm
    SMWILSON Aug 25, 2009

    Yes, somehow credit one bank is linked to credit diagnosis, club save and credit protect all of which I did not authorize. I recenlty received a charge of 119.80 from MVQ credit diagnosis. Naturally, I call credit one bank to contest and dispute the charge. I was told I can not dispute over the phone I have to write out a dispute and mail it. I told them by law I am allowed in the USA to dispute and contest matters over the phone and am demanding this charge to be removed. Well, we go around for about 45 minutes. I spoke with the supervisor and aksed to be to her supervisor, which I was told would call me back; knew that wasn't going to happen. So now, I am going to call this credit diagnosis company and dispute with them also and demand a refund to my card. I am also going to call the other companies and demand refunds as well because I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR ANY CREDIT REPORT, PROTECTION, NOTHING. These people are screwing hard working AMERICAN CITIZENS and I will seek action with the NTC, attorney general and so on. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CREDIT ONE BANK OR FIRST PREMIER BANK!

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  • Al
    alpha2008 Sep 14, 2009

    Same to Me i am being charge by the same compagny for a service that i did not sign .
    this is stilling hard people money the feds should do something

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  • We
    WesDay Oct 12, 2009

    Well, my Wachovia account got hit last week. I just found out, and I'm heading straight to the bank this morning, and I hope they work with me. I'm fairly pissed since it knocked my account into the negative

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  • Ti
    tiff23 Nov 04, 2009

    I had the same problem, too bad that i am not in the states to dispute it and i caught it after they took out a dollar. All I did was google exactly what was showing up on my statement, and it took me to a page that helped me find my supposed membership information, then i canceled it at that site. So just use google to cancel the membership and go through your bank to dispute what they have already charged.

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  • Kb
    kburris Dec 02, 2009

    I know my account is being charged as well it has taken me awhile to figure out what is was. My account has been charged for months now. Thank everyone on here for the information.

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  • Ha
    Hatshepsut Dec 08, 2009

    I cussed those Mother ###ers out! I just found out that they have been debiting my account for $30 for two months and signed me up with another company savings club that was taking a dollar. I was so so pissed because this number and couldn`t reach anybody so a month later I got my account debited again unauthorized for 29.95. I remember being on this site credit their price for a free report was to high and I didnt want monitering so I close the window i didnt erase my information though. For the life of me cant figure out how they got my information and I did`nt push enter I closed the window. I`m thinking as soon as I went into the site someone was taking my information as soon as I entered the site. I screamed so loud at those ###. Pissed me right off. I`m still trying to figure out how they got my info and they said I didnt know i enrolled in savingsclub but I did. I told that ### to ### off. Im a good person.without much money trying to get my credit together and they do this!.

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  • Vi
    VittuSaatana Jan 05, 2010

    Same here, there has also been withdrawals under the seller Walgreens and I do not know where these information has leaked into unathorized parties.

    However I visited USA in late Oct early Nov and have been having these ghost buys since then. My card is no under caution and closed and I'm to file a note in my local police office.

    I've been using this same card for years and only after visiting USA the problems occure. All liable webshops should join the Verified by VISA and Secure-programs like Master Card have to verify the authentity of each use. The service takes a pop-up onto apropriate web bank and asks for private user and pin numbers prior to accepting the charge.

    Hate these people, makes life complicated and troubles decent peoples routines.

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  • Ha
    harmon74 Jan 30, 2010

    I got jacked by the idiots I resolved it real quick by canceling my debit card and getting new one.If the ### dont have a number they cant charge me.

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  • Br
    brideypoo Feb 19, 2010

    I cancled my credit card Bank of Amercia and was getting sent $1.00 bills even with my credit card cancled. The credit card company said they are having lots of people complain about the same thing with the same company. My question is how is this one company getting everyone's information or is it the credit card company itself screwing us over. If anyone has more helpful information on this and how to pervent this from happening please post it. This is so disgusting and makes me sick. Clubsave can eat it.

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  • Al
    alice20102010 Sep 14, 2010

    This is BS and when you call the # they offer 888-530-2890 no one never answered I wason hold for 1 hour and a recording kept saying ALL REPS ARE ON CALLS WITH OTHER MEMBERS PLEASE HOLD FOR THE NEXT REP!! But no one ever answered. I am headed to the bank tomorrow to cancel this card.

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  • Ra
    Ralph R. Aug 16, 2016

    I've never done business with this outfit. Never heard of them but for the last three months they have billed my credit card for $1 a month "membership fee".

    I have gone to their web site and the only way to contact them is via email.

    I'd like to know where they got my card number and i want the billing to stop. Have emailed them and can only wait and see if they comply.

    Ralph r.

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  • Zi
    zilla2117 Aug 16, 2016

    stop charging my credit card

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  • Po
    pooh12078 Aug 16, 2016

    this company club save witdrew money from my credit card and i have never even heard of them befor i did not authorize any transaction from them

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  • Ju
    Juan Carlos Cruz Aug 16, 2016

    I wish to cancel my subscription email me to comfirm canceletion at [email protected]

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  • Mo
    monarch538 Aug 16, 2016

    i had canncelled your order but you still charge my card .why?

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  • Di
    D Isom Aug 16, 2016

    I don't know how you authorized yourself to remove $1 a month from my checking account with CITIBANK, but CUT IT OUT NOW!!!
    I did NOT authorize you nor do I even recieve any kind of messages or "savings" or anything, yet you take out a monthly charge of $1. . .may not seem like much, but it is a LOT when you are not doing it with my permission!!!

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  • Bo
    Bo Little Aug 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are taking un otherize money from my bank account i want them to stop and i had a good phone number on them at one time, and they refunded my money back to my account I thought this was an over and done deal.. so i did not keep the number that allowed me to receive my money back.. i do not want anything they have but i do want my money back that they continue to steal from me one dollar at a time..

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