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A product I ordered on did not fit and I checked their return/exchange policy online. It stated that if the item was sold out/discontinued I may receive a refund. I called the company twice and sent an email to the company to find out if I could receive a refund. At this point I talked to someone who assured me I could return the item for a full refund as it was sold out/discontinued. She then called me the next day, in response to my email, saying that I could in fact return for a refund.

I paid the additional shipping charges to return the item expecting a full refund as promised and received a store credit via email on 10/9/08.

Upon calling the company to clarify this matter, I spoke to someone taking full responsibility for the company's mistake and was working with her on what could be done to fix the issue. A supervisor then came on the phone to yell at me about calling customer service regarding this matter and hung up on me when I asked for her name.


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    Lala Oct 26, 2008

    It looks like you did not read the return policy and want to blame it on someone but you. I ordered my costume from early and was able to exchange it by October 15th. They not only helped me choose another costume but they also paid for the return shipping. I read the return policy and I was well aware that all sales that cannot be returned by October 15th are finale sale. Maybe you need to read it again. Lalal. Even if you went to a halloween store it would be the same. These rules are there so people do not go to parties wear them and then try to return them...

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    Denise Oct 26, 2008

    I love them! They not only shipped on time but they also offered me a discount when I had a hard time with my deadline. I purchased a costume from and they charged my card and never shipped. helped me and rushed my order out. I have a costume and I am a happy sailor! You must read the return policy before you order on any store online :)

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