MUFG Union Bankbusiness account

Aug 06, 2018

I go to a branch to open a business account and I am told after mentioning what my business does the account will be closed. I was like what? I write to corporate then get a call from an area manager to go to another branch to open the account. I was apologized to. At the other branch I was apologized to and this is your money. We would have no need to freeze an account. So I opened an account. 3 wires came in with 1 on the way. I got a cashier check to take to another account to wire an amount for a utility company in another country. Then I went in as I knew another wire was coming in and wanted another cashier check on my money of course, but was refused. I was huh? My account was frozen so the manager of the branch lied. They wanted an invoice. Well some of my business is invoiced in ways would not reflect entire wires, but Union Bank wouldn't know anything about individual business procedures only their own. I wrote to corporate and oh my the office of the president called but didn't do anything. The money was held a long time and one of my clients was scared by the bank. Finally after my finance manager said I was to take Union Bank to court I got a check. Hmmmm that good old court system will put a fire in their pants. I finally got the money from the wire in another account but really what is going on in banking in the USA. Good thing I had other money available to me or I could have been financially hurt. Again the good old principle of the matter should be allowed in court. Procedures might change a bit in all banking institutions. I felt like I was being strong armed and I was in trouble for doing nothing wrong. This Big Sister is Watching Union Bank and other bank policies. I am not afraid to speak or file complaints. Actually I love helping people so if one person can be spared the ignorance Union Bank used on me I feel an accomplishment.

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