MTA Bus M5, Bus Number 6670nasty bus driver and disrespectful

L Nov 17, 2017

I travel on the X22 everyday from S.I. to Manhattan. I get off at 34 and 6th. to catch a bus to take me to 42nd. street. this morning November 17, 2017 I got on the M5, Bus # 6670 and I pressed the button to get off at 42nd. street. The driver did not STOP. when we hit 45 street I nicely asked him why didn't he stop. he said I did not hit the button. 2 people on the bus were my witnesses and saw and heard the buzzer. he DID NOT STOP at 42nd. street and people were standing out there to get on. he nastily told me I have to go to 50th. street. I asked him again nicely, Please let me off. he yelled at me and said THE NEXT TIME I HIT THE BUTTON THE LAST MINUTE HE WILL NOT STOP. I said listen, my son just passed away and I am very emotional these past 4 weeks, barely making it through my days.
my fiancé (Joe Errante) was an MTA dispatcher who has also passed and was once a driver. he never treated people the way i was treated this morning. most of the MTA drivers are wonderful, but the driver on the M5 bus number 6670 should go to a class on customer service. he is NASTY to everyone. I am not one to complain, but this morning having to come into work crying was not a good start to the day. Again, he has no idea what people are going through in life, so why does he need to be nasty. I don't think I will EVER get on his bus again. I would rather walk than take his bus. so please this needs to be addressed with that driver. if he does not like his job, then he should not being working for the MTA. Being Nasty to people is UNACCEPTABLE. I appreciate you looking into this matter. and again, perhaps if I was not so vulnerable dealing with the loss of my son, it may not have hurt me so much, but it did and thought you should be made aware because he is not a nice PERSON.
Liz Strocchia

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