Mt. Hwy, Spanaway, WAproduct substitute

C Aug 12, 2018

First the appearance of the food. The burrito is folded so unprofessionally. It looks sloppy, small and like you don't care about return services.
Second. The substitutions offered for their lack of product. After paying they state they are out of orange juice so give is apple juice. A tiny freaking box in lue of a medium orange juice. Then instead of a parfait they offer a cookie or pie. Really???? Not only do you take our money without knowing your product supply, you offer something less expensive and smaller in portion size. Then get huffy when I prefer my money back instead of the substitute. I would have ordered the other item if I wanted that. I understand getting busy, . I've worked fast food. But we always kept each other apprised of what was running low so we could inform customers I'm advance. We also offered/gave freebie as our apologies for their inconveniences. Really tired of the lack of professionalism at this location. Lack of product in stock and lack of pride in their work and lack of respect for their customers which are their income. Making $12 to $15
per hour to start, you would think they would care a little more.

product substitute

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