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Has anyone else been having problems retrieving their withdrawals? I made withdrawals since OCTOBER 2005 and STILL HAVEN'T received a dime!!! I email them almost everyday including links to where and when I made my withdrawals and STILL NOTHING!! A "Alex Michaels" (sure that's his real name), assured me in December that I will receive my money by the end of the year---his exact "sentence" was "should be end of year"--and it is almost the end of JANUARY! and i still haven't received my money!!

I will be reporting them for FRAUD. And would like to get the word out--STAY AWAY FROM skilljams ca$h games!!! ITS A RIPOFF !!


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      Mar 01, 2010

    Skilljam bought out which is such a ripoff that it didnt take me long to figure out the fix was in. Thankful I only lost 50 but alot of people lost thousands of dollars to this company. I dont expect to get any of my money back. It is amazing how these people can get away with this. If it were me running the business I would already be in jail. Worldwinner is such a joke and so obvious of their cheating ways I can only sit back and laugh because these people are really stupid to think gamers wont catch on at some point...where you find worldwinner and skilljam you will also find satan...they win now but will lose for eternaty.

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