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I am ashamed to admit that I have been a victim of a con artist on this website. A week ago in a moment of desperation I logged into the website and I chatted w/ this so called psychic...she knew my boyfriend's name w/o me having to tell her, but I later found out that some of these psychics share their client's information, therefore I knew she had gotten all of her information from previous sessions w/ other psychics...but what I was not prepared for and didn't see coming is that I was conned out of $225.00...she promised me that she would bring him back, that she would tell me dates, names, and information so that when he did come back I would be prepared for it...she would call me everyday as well, can you believe she even tried to get me to give her an addtional $600.00 dollars claiming that it was a sacrifice and that I would get it back w/in a half hour...thank God I never fell for that one...I was also promised a package for the $225.00 which I never received...and when I asked her about it...needless to say she said she would check w/ Fedex...and I haven't heard from her since...
I just wanted to file this complaint for others so that they may not be conned as I was...unfortunately this lowly human being preys upon people during their weakest moment, and I was just another victim...please be careful of her...

****her picture and name is not her...her real name is Crystal Miller****so beware...she tries to become your friend in order to con you out of money...BEWARE!!!


  • They are all fakes! Tara Medium is the worse one!!! One ###ing crook!!!

    I will not rest until Tara refunds my money. ALL OF IT!

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  • S
      Dec 17, 2009

    Who do you think you are to CURSE anyone Tara, dearest friend!!

    You and any other so called psychic cannot CURSE anyone you stupid fool, what are you here for other than to try and promote your SCAM, omg yes I typed it SCAM website!!

    Bring it on yourself lol thanks for the fantastic emails there are great xx

    Siily girl xxx

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