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ms 577 public schoolracism

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this school seems to have many issues with children of color, i've learned over the past year and a half that no matter how well a kid does in this school it does not seem to matter, my son got beat up by a bully in that school that the school admitted the child liked to beat up children and had been suspended many times in one year for it but my son was suspended because my son was beaten up, meanwhile my son had never been suspended before that EVER but according to the school if my son would have just accepted the beating and not tryed to fight back he would not have been suspended as well, my son was put in a choke hold, thrown to the floor punched in the face and giving a swollen shut eye, and my son had patches of skin removed from his back and my son struggled to get the kid off of him as the kid bigger then him was on top of him punching him but because my son grabbed him and said ' im not getting off of you until you get off of me ' MY SON GET SUSPENDED FOR THAT ! the school said my sun was suspended for making contact with the kid the school said MY SON DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT HIM SELF, IF MY SON WOULD HAVE JUST LET THE KID HIT HIM AND CHOKE HIM WITHOUT GETTING THE KID MORE UPSET BY TRYING TO FIGHT BACK MY SON WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUSPENED, this behavior is disgusting, my son has never missed a day of school in his life and has not even been late, this happen just a few days before the last day of school this last school year so my son sat in the school across the street from his own school with a eye swollen almost shut and big chunks of skin missing on his back as his shirt kept sticking to his back where scabs soon would be, the school he served his suspention at could not understand why my son was there they felt bad for the child a kid that gets good grades never misses school just got beat up and bruised and because he didnt let the kid finish giving him a choke hold he sat crying and thrown out, and to make it worse most of the kids in my sons class were upset because they kept trying to tell the teacher that my son did nothing wrong and they saw the whole thing they also saw when the other boy was having so much fun swinging into my sons face that the teacher that tried to pull him off my son got hit as well but the kids that tried to defend my son were told to shut up and mind their buisness, this is one in about 40 different incidents that has happened in one school year from the age of 11 to 12 some might say well miss dont you think you should take a good look at your kid maybe its him, well you know what the horror stories ive heard from many other mother that match mine makes me say no its not my child its the disgusting school system that lies and hides and covers up for each other, that should strike fear and horror into the hearts of parents who send your kids into the care of the public school system each day, i was told by a teacher when my son was in kindergarden that my son was going to be a serial killer when he grew up because he showed one of the 7 signs of being a serial killer by using to much school glue ( elmers glue ) during art class he was 5 and it was his first week of school and they said this in front of him and the principal agreed he would be dangerous because he got the glue on his hands and instead of him cleaning it off with tissue he was peeling it as it dried, my son was scared to death to go back . in 2nd grade i had a teacher tell me the first day of school as i picked him up that i needed parenting classes because i obviously dont know how to raise my NIGLET CHILD, these incidents took place in ps 110 in greenpoint brooklyn an are only some of the horror storys that i have not only with me but with many people i have met with stories just as bad and a teacher i began to talk to that was somewhat of a wistleblower for me, i am going to start my own website and expose every name and incident and become a voice for everyone who has ever had abuse happen to their child through the school system i will be a whistle blower and expose them all the board of ed covers and makes excuses and allows abuse, but i will let it all be know it will leave the system with no choice but to come to terms with what goes on out there and staff will have no choice but to change the way they treat students and parents because now they can be easily exposed, one day no child will ever be treated like my child was and told dark kids cant participate in class activities they have to sit in the back or stand in the hall until the other children are finished having fun, or not allow my son to keep his injections ( for food allergies )9 he has severe allergies to peanuts and apples) or his asthma pump pump in the nurses office saying thats against school policy so my son went all through the years without his injection pen or pump but was yelled at in 1st grade and had to stand in a corner in the lunchroom for the whole period because he refused to eat his lunch and he refused because there was things on that tray he was allergic to so he had kids laughing at him and school staff embarassing him but all he did was not want to suffer a food allergy the same staff that yelled is the same staff that received letters and calls from his specialist that made sure he informed them in writing that my son had really bad food allergies and informed them of what foods he was allergic to .but they had fun making my son suffer for no reason he was only 6 and the principal knew about the whole incident and offered no apology but just said she leaves these issues up to school staff and it not her concern, he has been tortured since entering the public school system like so many other children i know and it will all be exposed


  • Jj
    jj2088 Jul 19, 2010

    To be honest the school lunch problem you should bring up with the BOARD OF ED not the school. Second of all, it is not called racism because apparently they are not saying all of the race your son is in are being bullied. It is called criticsm, not racism. Third, if you are feeling bad about your child being exposed to teacher/student bullying, you should automatically remove your child from that school and go to a school that does not have this problem. It is much logical to do that instead of let your child be placed in a school that "supposedly" does not like him. The sooner you pull your child out of that school, the sooner you do not have to worry about your child being exposed to critcism from that school.

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  • Ka
    katy12321 Feb 24, 2018

    @jj2088 i myself am a student at ms577 and i feel they ARE racist. they are all about show and they know how to catch your attention without showing you the real part of the school. they make announcements in the morning that we are having visitors so we have to behave. some teachers even curse out the kids. we do actually get merits and demerits. we had a little milk drop incident and 1 kid was blamed for it even though it was not him. but this is because he is the darkest kid in that class

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  • Jj
    jj2088 Jul 19, 2010

    Also, PLUS that I am a student of one of the school, I find the staffs and teachers quite welcoming to ALL students. I am a student in the minority category in race but I don't get bullied on. Plus, I don't know if your child really told you the exact details because being a student in MS577, it is hard to believe the teachers are ever racist. But on the contrary, I somewhat agree with the whole student being racist to other race. What do you expect children to be? Following the laws and finding things alright or okay and be all nice and good? No. Kids or students only learn from their mistakes and so "Dee5bklyn", I find your complaints a rather everyday life-ish complaint. Like I said from above, I somewhat agree to the whole bad parenting because if you are a good parent, and I know you must be for posting this about your child and going all your way to just put it up for people to feel what you feel, you would have immediately pulled your child out. And quote "If thy parent do not defy thy child for thy misdeeds, thy parent is not a parent." By this quote, it tests the parent's power in a child's life and if the parent do not feel right for having their child come to this school, just remove him/her from the school list and enroll in another school. Also "Dee5bklyn", you can argue the fact upon racism against the school in court but I highly doubt the judge would find it an act of racism but more of an everyday life criticsm. Why should the judge listen to everyday problems if criticism runs through your blood? Also I ask you this one question, Have you ever criticized someone "Dee5bklyn"? If so, why post this up because by the act of your criticizing someone, it also means that you are also in what you find "racism". It is no use to file a report upon the school for everyday problems. And on the contrary, the school does not have many issues upon racism. I find that quite absurd and possibly a lie. The school has many issues with childrens bullying childrens! Not the teachers being racist to the students!

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  • Ms
    ms577 student Feb 14, 2011

    i don't agree because I myself am a student of ms577 and none of the teachers were rascist. they all cared for the students. They are really nice, fun, and caring for the students. And our school is one of the best public middle school in brooklyn. I had friends who have went to other midlle schools and told me all about it and trust me 577 is a good choice. I have seen no problems in my school, but i do see fights happen which are solved and found right away and ask other students what they saw if they were there so they can sum up what happen and they suspend the one who started all of it. So next time i advise to think before you write something like this because i think this is a total lie.

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  • De
    dee5bklyn May 05, 2011

    actually if a child is called a niglet it is racism, anyone who knows what a niglet is would know its in fact a disgusting term used for a child of color, , SO IT"S RACISM ! that is clear and cannot be argued with, after the first post it was found that the teacher had done this to other children and was fired. also if a child has food allergies, its up the the school to make the accomadations for the student that child could die if the certain foods are in contact with their food, and f.y.i this child was not being allowed to bring his own lunch so that this would not be a problem, but instead being told he had to take a tray of school lunch so laws were broken there as well, a child at no time should be yelled at and then punished and forced to stand in a corner because they can't eat food from their tray that they are allergic to there is just no debating that, if that child were to die the staff would have been held accountable !! its the law that children be allowed to have their medications in the nurses office, so laws were broken there as well, and later the school did in fact get in a lot of trouble for not obeying those laws, with all that said and already obvious it is the childs right to attend school its is not however the teachers right the school staff has the obligation to make sure students are safe in all aspects from not only other students but staff . in the past 2 years many of the complaints ( by many of the parents ) have been investigated and found to be true, if its one parent then it maybe then can be explained away as maybe ignorance but when its many parents the board of ed has no choice but to listen and take action which has started to happen, just being a student does not mean that what the teachers do will be known, no one but the parents and teachers know about many of these things which had been the case there, there has been case after case and complaint after complaint about these schools but most complaints are not posted on websites like this one but the complaints are true and are out there you just have to be a parent like me that has went through these situations to know exactly where they are, a child should not have to be pulled out of school because the staff fails to do their job correctly and fails the student the staff should be forced to make the changes that need to be made or even be fired, the student has the right to be there and get a education . as for the kid who beat up my son he later got himself in even more trouble with the law due to an assault and was arrested and put on probation, and it just so happened that he did it to a student in the same school he was then kicked out of the school FINALLY ! my son has never missed a day of school in his life and has really really good grades as well as awards for such high state scores, has never got in trouble with the law that all in itself says a lot, , , facts are facts and opinions are just opinions, as for facts i have them, i have files of statements from other parents, incident reports, complaint numbers as well as a parents advocates group i also have a lawyer on board to help these parents, i'm trying to help students get what they are entitled to, which is safe surroundings where they can get the education they not only deserve but have to right to receive so for anyone to has a problem with that says a lot about the person doing the complaining .if a student attends public school and has not seen or heard of any of these problems they are very fortunate and im very happy for them, but i'm out there helping the parents and students who have had to go through nightmares like these and see to it that there is change and improvements to the public school system.

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  • Za
    zakiya May 24, 2011

    messed up..smh

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