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Ma Nov 08, 2019

My name is JoMarie Hayes. I submitted a complaint on 11/4/2019. My phone number is [protected] and my email address is [protected]

I have my service done through Mr. Tire in Sandusky, OH and I have done a lot of business with them. I took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation on Saturday, November 2nd. They call me into where they are performing the service on my car and show me one tire worn and one tire the steel was showing down the whole tire. I questioned what was the cause and was told I needed a wheel alignment.

My complaint is, I purchased a tire package in 2017 along with a road hazard. I paid $ 555.00. The tires are good for 55, 000 miles and I have put 36, 000 miles on them.
At the time I had the tires installed, I asked if I needed a wheel alignment and was told no. I brought it back after the tires were installed because I felt a tightness in the front after they were installed and my steering wheel had a vibration. I once again asked if I needed an alignment, was told no.

I bring my car in every 4-6 months to Mr. Tire for oil changes and tire rotations. My care has been into Mr. Tire at least 6 times in the two year period since I have purchased my tires.

It is one of a few things. The tires were bad to begin with, a wheel alignment should have been done when I asked and last, obviously someone was not doing their job. Having my car in for normal tire rotations, this would have been caught. It does not happen overnight.

I had to pay for my oil change on 11/2/2019 which I planned for. I was not planning on paying for two new tires and a wheel alignment. The guy who was helping me named John was showing me he took a discount off the tires. I was not getting a discount in anyway. I am a woman but not a stupid one. John had to discount the two tires because I paid for road hazard when I purchased the tires and it is half off the tires if you have road hazard.

Up to this point I have paid $770 out of pocket between my tire package, alignment, and two new tires.

I am requesting a refund on the alignment or a refund on the two tires or both.

I submitted this once. If someone would be kind enough to contact me and let me know how this is going to be handled, I would greatly appreciate it. I have provided my phone number and email.

Thank you for your time.

Marie Hayes

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