Mr Price Group / MRPbreach of contract due to bad service


Since early October 2017, I repeatedly report to Mr Price mobile customer service that I do not receive any call.
1) No ringtone
2) Immediate through to voice mail
3) No notice of a miss call
The consequences are as follows:
1) Loss of income, as I depend on my mobile phone in my business
2) Unnecessary panic with family and friends
Every time a complaint was made, I am told a complaint will be filed. When my cell phone number is dialed from Mr Price Mobile, my phone rings and I am able to answer the call. However, this does not apply to calls from other numbers.
I have provided several numbers and my neighbor was also talking to a staff member, explaining the problem.
During my calls, I mentioned that, if the problem remains unresolved, I will have no choice but to stop my debit order. Should Mr Price Mobile decide to blacklist me, I will prosecute in terms of financial loss and breach of contract.
To date, 28 October 2017, the issue is unresolved.
Thank you
Loudie Campbell

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