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C Jul 16, 2019

Good day

I am very upset about the service i received when i wanted do an exchange at Mr Price Canal walk i was informed that i am able to do the exchange without a slip only because i had the incorrect slip on me ... only to let me wait for 20 min because the manager need to override however only to find out the value of the T-shirt i bought on Saturday have now reduced to R 40, 00 as per the system and i need to take something of that value . Now my thing is this how is this my problem when i paid R 69.99 for the T-shirt and on the system it had reduced now they tell me i need to provide them with the correct slip which reflect R69.99 but they can see that the tag of the T-shirt with code is still on the T-shirt ..
How is this my issue that this T-shirt has been reduced on the system and i have to take the reduced value how is this fair to me ?
but the exchange was going to be done if the value on the system remained the same .
I love buying your cloths and just feel this is unfair towards me as a customer it's a XL Black code [protected] /[protected]

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