Mr. Gagandeep Singh sellernot complied affidavit to pay due tax on his part

Sep 11, 2018

The Seller, Mr. Gagandeep Singh son of Shri Gurdeep Singh, H.No. 31692, V. Main Road, Paras Ram Nagar, City Bathinda, Punjab, India

Sir, As attached both affidavits above addressed party by undertaking written responsibility to pay the pending taxes, challans etc if due any, sold dated 22-08-15 a second-hand defective tractor # PB-51, 1024 of Eicher-Company model 1994 through my father care me its final delivery after repair and spare to bring it into working conditions cost Rs. 1, 10, 000/- at my doorsteps.

Mr. Gagandeep Singh against undertaken written responsibility through his affidavit regarding tax and challans to be paid by him as seller, I've done full payment in cash to seller through my father care.

Complaint is that present seller Mr. Gagandeep Singh as per written responsibility in affidavit denied to update ownership registration in my name by paying pending taxes due about Rs. 60, 000/- on Mr. Gagandeep Singh seller part, irrespective other past sellers who never concerned to me nor ever updated the ownership since November 2009 run invalid.

My father has no any concern in the matter except care taker who transferred next me within 10 days, hence cannot be held for some taxes due on his part.

Complaint is that it's a intentional deceptive trade practice on above addressed seller part Mr. Gagandeep Singh. I'm trader vide licence # 3491 BTI/PMB buy wood goods from one market to sell in other market by using tractor transportation as shown in the photographs attached herewith. The traffic official demand correct updated record of tractor by stopping on roads. Hence I cannot do trade freely and licence has also been run over on seller part deceiptive mistake done.

Therefore, it prayed if seller Mr. Gagandeep Singh not agree to pay the due taxes on his part undertaken in affidavit, our cash payment with repair and spare cost is to be get refunded me Rs. 1, 10, 000/- by getting the tractor returned back to the seller with compensation Rs. 30, 000/- for harassing and damaging me in trade.

As proof both affidavits with un-updated tractor certificate of ownership since November 2009, are attached herewith.

As proof copy of trade licence and photos of tractor usage in wood trade, are attached herewith.

Note, trolly is excluded from the transaction, it's not part of the transaction herein.

For justice I'll be very thankful to the this board.
Complainants, Gurvinder Singh son of Shri Gurdev Singh, E-mail: [protected] Mobile 0091-[protected]

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