Resolved MPFreeOnline scam


I strongly urge everybody to avoid MPFree, which is an online company at They promise 'free' music in MP format if you click through their e-mail promotions. However, when you redeem your free music, you will be sent to the website called EZ-Tracks (located at, and nearly all the songs on EZ-Tracks are horrible covers and imitations of the original artists.

In other words, if you think you're going to download free Led Zeppelin songs through your membership, what you'll get are terrible covers of the song done by bands you never heard of. Further, the EZ-Tracks website, which you have to use to download the music, is documented by McAfee Security as a high-volume spammer! So not only will you not get music by the original artists, you'll also expose yourself to high-volume spammers!

I very much regret wasting my time accumulating 'free' music on Avoid like the plague folks!


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    freemusiclover Jul 01, 2009

    I have found that is a great way to get free music downloads.

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  • Su
    SuperDave369 Sep 20, 2009

    I had 12 song tokens, now I have 0 and did not get a single song from them. So I cannot say whether the music is any good! One song was 0 seconds long, one would not play because "file format does not match the extension (mp3)", one song I cancelled the download and still got charged. After that, I simply clicked on "redeem token" and nothing happened! Still waiting to hear from them.

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