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39.00 dollar a month charge on my debit card that I don't even use. Called my Bank and Closed out my account just incase


  • Dr
    Drake Steele Mar 22, 2009

    I just got similar charges twice on my account. No idea what it's for, and the actual domain doesn't seem to exist.

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  • Dr
    Drake Steele Mar 22, 2009

    Did some digging - if you get nailed by this, you can cancel at

    the username and password are in an email sent to you after agreeing to a "free age validation" for an adult site (if you're like me, thinking, eh, ok, if it's free, I'll check it out...) But what they don't tell you until you get their email is that:


    Well, we know it does not come out as that but as the nonexistant

    The full email (minus my personal details) looks like this:
    Subject: Important account information regarding your Free Lifetime Membership
    Dear *****@**********,

    Thank you for your participation in the Platinum Club Free Lifetime Membership offer. Your credit card has not been billed. You can access your content by visiting:

    Your Username is: **************

    Your Password is: ************

    Order Reference: ********
    Sales Reference: ********

    Please retain this information for your records, as you will need it for any customer service related issues.

    ****Free Lifetime Membership Offer****

    In order to take advantage of the Free Lifetime Membership Offer you must do the following:

    1. Complete the registration process for at least two affiliate partner offers.

    2. Provide proof of acceptance of the affiliate partner offers by forwarding the confirmation emails that you received from our affiliate partners to [protected] You must forward the confirmation emails from the same email address that was used to sign up for the Free Lifetime Membership Offer. It is your responsibility to configure your email and/or spam filters so that you are not prevented from receiving the affiliate partner confirmation emails.

    3. Complete the above-mentioned requirements of the Free Lifetime Membership Offer within 48 hours of your initial acceptance of the offer.


    To preview a list of affiliate partner offers prior to acceptance of the Free Lifetime Membership Offer, click or copy the link below.

    Click or copy the link below to review our full terms and conditions

    Our customer service agents are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Time. Please visit our Website at:

    Contact US
    Call Us at [protected] (U.S. Customers Only)
    or email us at

    Hope this helps you all,

    Drake Steele.

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  • Ra
    rainman21 Apr 03, 2009

    I got this as well...did you end up getting your money back?

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  • Sh
    shleppy Apr 04, 2009

    For some reason, the user ID and password I got from the confirmation email do not work on the cancellation page or as the log-in for the main site. Any ideas on how to cancel this?

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  • Ra
    raguilar Apr 14, 2009

    this is totallya fraud, they never send you the order ID to log in, htey send you some other user and acces code, that are obviously fake, please dont belive in this. they only still your information. I hope this can help to prevent.

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  • Zh
    zhree1 May 06, 2009

    I was just scammed by these same folks. They operate a number of porn sites and when I requested my money back they insisted that since I never participated in the partner offers, I wasn't entitled to my 39.95 first month's fee back! Unfortunately for them, they never provided a service or product and therefore, without compensation, they have no legal right to my cash. However, it may still take some time and/or a class action lawsuit against them to reclaim it!

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  • Si
    silverneogen May 08, 2009

    i was just scammed now, i have an email with the order reference number and all that. i tried calling the number but it doesnt exist. also, i try to log in to cancel mebership and it wont let me because the username and password are not valid. i called my credit card and it already has been changed. actually it was my regular bank card which i just changed the card so dont think they can access it anymore since my new card has a whole new number and back numbers as well. how can you get ur money back if you cant contact them? they are bogus for stealing money straight off the bat. that was too fishy, free my ###!!

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  • Dj
    DJ Tama May 18, 2009

    Thanks for posting these. I just had someone attempt to scam me via a dating site. Luckly I reported them for scamming and they'll be kicked off soon.

    Don't trust sites that say "Free Age Verification" if they have no credentials. IMHO I believe they are all scams until proven otherwise.

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  • Al
    Alexis Artis May 19, 2009

    This just happened to me and I contacted them to get my money back and they told me they wouldn't refund it, I had to complete registration for two affiliate sites. I am going to report them too.

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  • Al
    Alexis Artis May 19, 2009

    On my satatement it reads as YESCARDUS. Is that on anyone elses?

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  • Ra
    ralph2000 May 24, 2009

    O.K. long story but I think I was scammed by these same folks..

    I never gave up my credit card information. I just gave up my name and email address.

    An obvious scammer was trying to get me to register for another related site in a chatroom. I did the same thing...gave up a name and email address but never any sensitive personal information (credit card number, etc). Logically, I never got access to the site.

    I did the same thing with another related site. Gave up a name and email address but nothing more. This time, however, I somehow got full access to the site. I tried canceling but i'm still able to log in.

    Is there any possible way they can bill me? I swear, I never gave up any credit card info.

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  • Pd
    P Dailey Jun 08, 2009

    I got the same charge on my card this weekend along with Passport to Fun charge of $14.95! The only thing I can think of is, something I ordered on Ebay for $1.01, nothing else out of the ordinary!

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  • Be
    be_careful Jun 18, 2009 and its "other" affiliate sites are just a bunch of Mother###ing scammers, they scammed me, luckily I gave them only my debit card # and not my cc#, tommorow I am going to cancel my debit card at the bank ASAP. They hire goons to work for them via chatrooms, craigslist, etc. These beautiful goons (usually females) entice you to verify your age and/or join them on a "verified" site, verify your age for a "free" sex show, and similar techniques, with only ONE GOAL-STEAL YOUR MONEY. NO, they do not wanna meet, no, they don't give a ### about your sex life, no, they don't wanna give you a sex show, no, the are not serious.they are totally FAKE.

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  • T2
    t22 Jun 22, 2009

    this company replied to my craigslist add and suggested that i need to do a security check at( they insured me that i would'nt be charged and all information would be deleted. after giving my information they sent me to ( and suggested i had opened an account and they would charge me. i never gave permission and i dont want any services from this company of any kind. please help

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  • Tj
    TJ81666 Jul 21, 2009

    I just got scammed as well; has anyone tried to just sign up for two of the affiliate ads and cancel within the three day trial so that they are not charged, then free and clear?

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  • Su
    SunnyAzad Sep 08, 2009

    Currently, they are asking me sign in to their site and asking for CC details for Age verification. These reviews helped me alot to save my money. Thanks to all the people who provided their honest reviews. I would like to appreciate every one for listing the opinions.

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  • St
    Steven1876 Sep 24, 2009

    I was scammed by same crew. Didn`t give them my CC number but gave them Direct Debit (live in UK). They sent me an authorisation e-mail saying that £32.99 would be coming off my account if I ignored this e-mail or if details were wrong, contact them. Contacted and asked them to cancel. I never heard anything from them and the date they were supposed to take the money came and went. Went to the bank yesterday and found that £70 had been taken from my account. I cancelled the Direct Debits immediately. Does anyone know if I can get my money back?

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  • Ns
    nsramir Oct 07, 2009

    no u cant get your money back (be glad u didnt agree to $100) there providing a service called "advertising" . no matter what u do nomatter what u say u will not get any money back from them and they now have yor CC info so... all u can do is do what i did when i cancelled my membership (dont ask me how i did it i think i just called then number on the site) the "lady" told me shes sorry i didnt like the site and that the $39.95 will get me 3 additional months of service from the other 2) starting from the day i cancelled and i wouldnt be charged again. so ive been looking at tha site every now and then (trying to get my moneys worth) and it sucks, but at least its something. theres nothing u can do, they provide u something, just not $40 worth. and it is easy to get out of the monthly contract or whatever they are using. just dont expect to get you money back, they've got thier ### covered.

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  • Dr
    Draw8For2 Nov 16, 2009

    The way to cancel this account is to follow this website and/or call the number Phone Number [protected]... This website goes through YESCARD.US for the automatic payments. I hope this help every one with this situation. I recently cancelled my account with out having to cancel my entire bank account.

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