mortgage paymentReport to Credit Bureau over $36.86


Back in February, I received a notice that my adjustable loan had adjusted and my new payment went up $36.86.
I neglected to adjust my automatic payment to them in May.
They issued me a check for $1, 700.00. The check was dated June 5. I received in the mail June 11th. A notice that they had reported it to the credit bureau for a 30 day late payment because "they do not accept partial payments".
I called June 12 to clarify and ask for them to check their records, as I had made 9 years worth of on time payments, that is 84 payments!
They told me that they couldn't do anything and that they were sorry.
I expect some courtesy on their part after being a long term customer with a near 800 credit score. After speaking to 2 different customer service people, I asked to speak to a manager. She continued to tell me that there was nothing she could do. When I asked to speak with somebody that could help me, she said that there was nobody else that could help me. When I asked for her name, she only gave me her first name "Ana" and a 4 digit number.
My June payment is already in their possession and my May payment was returned to me because of a shortage of $36.86 without a courtesy of a letter to me or any communication except a call to a number that I had already disconnected. My current number is listed and my address has not changed whatsoever.
This was a setup! The fact that they waited to issue the check until June 5 and to get it mailed and into my hands on June 11 makes me believe that it was a setup to make me 30 days late!
Shame on them. They just lost a customer and I will share this with anybody that I can to convince them not to do business with the BANK OF AMERICA!

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