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Company will not heed the do not call list. Their telemarketer repeatedly lies about who he works for and why he is calling.

When we called to have our name removed from their list and to lodge a complaint:
the first time we were hung up on
the second time we were told they were "only an answering service"


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    PacRim May 13, 2009

    They call our office everyday asking for my father who is a partner but does not work in this office and will never leave a number or tell who they are calling for as soon as I say he is not in they hang up on me. Today I tried a new tactic and said that he was in and asked who they were calling from and they told me then hung up again when I asked for a number to call back on I sent a email via their online contact form but doubt that will do any good. Does anyone know how to get off their list?

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