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Monica Marci Janine PaulAbuse to parent and children by their employees

Hello we continue to fear retaliation sense they act as their own government in a sense we feel they make up the rules the very rules that they've broken in our case/cases that we feel they
Suppressed pertinent evidences facts reports witnesses etc not limited too for that Judges Ruling!
Got away with ongoing years of continued abuses to these children & our family.
We were guilty for my having WORKED! Being home was not an option even with the two children disabled I was desperately eager to provide the needed medical if it meant applying now for social security
The two children’s disabilities over the past years that I worked and supported them otherwise myself.
To prevent placements for having LATE to school after my working evenings and nights truancy
With former CHIPS transferred from Todd county Minnesota upon having REPORTED A CRIME!
I gained a said child in need of protection or services
We were FORCED COUNSELING etc and endlessly I felt taken advantage of for reporting a crime?
I get to go to endless counseling home based workers meetings groups years and years of lasting years above the prison sentence of this criminal who’s now long been out but were still going were still in a system We would become DESTROYED Upon a TRANSFER Of a chips petition? Were Not CRIMINALS?
When three of 6 kids were initially placed we feel a bias/prejudice
But as well by our compliance to request DEMANDS the work the demands ALL leaving us not only physically exhausted! The ENDLESS repetitious demand tasks now started all over in WADENA CNTY SOCIAL SERVICES leaving us questions as to why we even moved caroused town?
We were questioning our value morals in having reported the criminal sex offender?
We know our lives were destroyed in less than year living in Wadena cnty here in Minnesota!
We were now further helpless so they placed my three children said to be temporary for having been LATE to school forced to switch my work schedule!
Forced to keep working for the needed medical. Forced a second full time job inspite of the high insurance family policy 6 kids I supported raising.
I ask what we really were PUNISHED for was standing up for right from wrong! These workers hated us! We feel they used every resource power the Court Judge police, schools &services of my Disabled children they even USED my Kids to hurt me not limited too! We all went to these supervised visitations when things were going very WRONG exactly as Nystrom and associates Baxter office in Minnesota
Said contracted by Wadena county social services “home based reunification with my children” LSW Lynn Buccholtz & Director Don Belton Reports were consistent with the ABUSES WE’D SUSTAINED along with our PROGRESS AND FOLLOW THROUGH to their every DEMANDS! Also the FEAR SCRUITINY.
Monica Baso contracted this provider we completed the contract over several months the report was finished in March 2001. I know Monica Baso was very upset with the report, She obviously made it clear in threats on her memorandums regarding our progress came even further demands and with the consistent abuses seen at these visits we’d sacrifice consequences rules boundaries isolation humiliations associated from.
Facts my children now were showing up with real criminal concerns of Bruises bumps Burns titty twisters sexual assaults threatened while in CERTAIN PLACEMENTS This agency FORCED Controlled or otherwise deemed!
When I STOOD UP for my three children as a result I would be physically verbally psychologically revictimize as well!
Under their agency SCRUITNY of Cameras mirror a person OBSERVER PRESENT I was told I could report these injuries threats sexual assaults not limited too. Throughout their agency only!
It lead me to loose without notifications visits with only my son who warn the many repeated injuries, We panic he wasn't there, two weeks went bye I purchased phone cards for the girls 12, 13 Sense they were separated each upon their initial placements by Wadena cnty social services.
I depended on the each of them to protect or check on each other he was only 10.
I would be denied all contact eventually as a result! First their rules changed the heat was turned up they arranged furniture they would remove me from their room for having noted bruises CRYING etc.. Asking why why why? I know their must not been cameras in their board room I was immediate removed ESCORTED abruptly times BRUISES MARKS etc not limited too. I was pushed up against the wall yelled at that I could see the very anger wrinkles of perhaps a LSW. Marci Millers nose straight lines up and down her entire nose as she THREATENED ALL CONTACT WITH MY KIDS! Terminate ALL VISITATIONS! Janine Hudson
THE OBSERVER REFUSED to document or report the MARKS of a specific visitation seen herself
"She said she only documents my parenting style
" Case manager collaboratively with her director appeared an attempt to brain wash us all to believe my son self inflicted or self induced even on areas so far of reach so large in size and a mother knows her own sons behavior under the most extreme NEVER WAS THE CASE! The GROUP HOME HE WAS IN PROOF in incident reports etc...were showing to PROVE! With absolutely no where to go except a costly attorney by now we were physically emotionally psychologically financially deprevated! We took concerns to Crowing cnty Social services police etc everyone possible to listen counsel fraud investigator unit etc...where the most child abuse was happening! Nobody wanted to believe us it seemed even with new fresh immediate injuries the Guardian AD Litem also a reverend she was Conspired we feel TERMINATING ALL OUR CONTACT WITH MY KIDS As they all THREATENED TO DO
I even reported to police twice there! I find out now by professionals my son is 19. Fresh out of the system the 14 different placements some of the continued abuses having started with Wadena cnty social services influence we feel true for initial placements with all the suppressed pertinent facts needed to Judges ruling
The social security disability I so desperately applied for two children with disabilities all along that I raised them without until I needed the medical to be home to be a mother with having 6 kids in one house
I was told by Monica Baso the placements June, 27, 2000 the disability was approved SSDI July, 28, 2000 And as their payee she see the back pay back to the state of Minnesota and she did exactly that even with my many attempts seen on her memorandums etc. She did exactly that I never seen the back pay “failure to provide needed paperwork” she told the Judge. The misuse of Dr SUSAN HEDILESHULTZ St cloud behavioral clinic St cloud hospital. Report contents and not limited too.
Then She’s petition a permanent Custody transfer to kids father who was earlier court ordered supervised visitations by Cass cnty courts The former violence abuse and killing animals etc not limited. Earlier convicted of having pulled a knife on officer Fischer Cass cnty MN While I was trying to escape the marriage years earlier in 1988 divorced him 1990 etc..
Don Ryan’s office of Brained Crowing cnty with 6 counts 4 gross misdemeanors 2 felonies having cut the brakes on the car broken into our home
Loosen all lug nuts on all four tires plead guilty to all the above plus he put turpentine in cars oil beat us up threatened our lives not limited too.
My youngest NEVER RESIDED in his residence the eldest was aprox four when she LAST LIVED with him. This is who after 10 years of ABSOLUTLEY NO CONTACT WITH ANY THREE CHILDREN!
Would Wadena cnty social services and Guardian AD LITEM petition for permanent custody!
Less than one month or aprox My son was physically assaulted by the father Joel max McCoy The same person that claimed to be a navy seal but never earned an honorable discharge he claimed to be a Vietnam era veteran his DOB:
Prove otherwise and his work in a secrete services was under cover drug informant with 6 county task force here the same police that we feel allowed escalation of the crimes later convictions of McCoy himself. Today the 20 years supervised probation for pleading guilty of the two felonies why 4 counts were dismissed"negotiation". McCoy was off all probation less than two years letters by McCoy to me. Terrified all these years never knowing where when? And then we learned a REUNIFICATION of the three children with their father said guardian ad litem, as she DEMANDED ME by phone the DIVORCE ORDERS. I pleaded I begged her also Monica Baso of Wadena cnty social services I even promised never to report another thing I wouldn’t say anything more
If I see a mark I’ll keep it quiet I’ll tell my kids not say a thing whatever they were wanting from us? I begged I begged I Begged just don't put my kids in DANGER! HURT ME I said NOT MY KIDS!
We had an attorney for the ABUSE BATTERY ASAULTS ETC Not limited too for only my son Attorney Jesse Gant Dunn mansion MPLS MN filed with Wadena cnty courts.
But father Joel McCoy after kids removed from his care control was still allowed to DENY me in Wadena County court the needed temporary guardianship for this civil rights attorney to move forward! With 5-6 counts a 50, 000 not to include punitive damages on behalf of my son that’s where were at today sense he’s now 19 after years of multiple placements still suffers disabilities regressions as result of 14 placements etc revictimizations
The lack of investing etc not limited too the word DEVISTATION doesn’t stand equal
To his SCARS While both my daughters have each a story much the sameness that the
Years SILENCE doesn't describe from the lies said in court by Wadena cnty social services for all we became was a case cases they made money from us each and when no longer the Federal money to continue supporting each they were placed back
Where they were taken from or left so they’d hopefully return after years spent telling them each I was dead or that I never wanted them.
That the truths suppressed or evidences court dates and times manipulations intimidation’s the suppressed reports in discovery process court order summons for permanent custody hearing was said 10-08-02 three PM was held in a secrete apparently meeting as an earlier custody transfer review of a September transfer to the father. Was the case said Judge Baland. The suppressed evidences reports videos incident reports school attendance records Dr reports therapy counseling the 6 different home based providers
Witnesses etc to prove we complied all along with their having allowed misuse of said Dr. Susan Hidelshultz said Wadena cnty social services worker Monica Baso misused her content test scores or otherwise to PERMANTLY PLACEMENTS for the said REPORT CONTENTS. Of Dr. of the behavioral clinic St. cloud hospital Minnesota. Also the custody transfer due to the said" influence" in the said administrator report of harbor home group home brained Bob Valasano/ counselor of my son as well "That my son loves his mother so much if she wants bruises &marks he'll create these for her". I existed is all knowing these truths we were PUNISHED for reporting valid CRIMES trying to defend protect my kids! I PLEAD GUILTY for protecting my kids the best I could! Were all DESTROYED by a false report/reports in fact I learned from the Group home in 2008 when my son legally graduated from school was legally 18 that Still NO CONTACT while Bob Valasano never was ever the Administrator? While I paid and still pay for the rape of my kid the revictimizations the lack of affection attention investment interests and regression socially mentally physically they are 100-200 lbs.
Over weight each were average or below prior to placements as documented by dietitians doctors etc prior to placements two of three wet beds their still attending counseling today
As I do too I don’t know what good it does really we’ve become programmed to comply even when they called it over our life DESTROYED! There is no AFTER CARE or WELLNESS CONFIDENCE AFFECTION SELFESTEEM or REPUTION QUICK FIXES! Even the local church forgot ever baptizing my kids became a controversy our bank here makes us beg for money out of our checking and police almost come to complete stop when they see us walking like wanting to keep us on edge some people say it’s our paranoia
Even when they see it with their own two eyes happening to us still today
And the fraud investigator 3-4 times my daughters return home just to scare her off once again.
My son is like a 10 year old little boy in a mans body today. And It’s all a money game here because
He’s 19 they can’t revenue from him so that’s the ONLY reasons were together I am asking? After the years they drawn SSDI from what I having paid into Social security and then to pay endless child placements child support tell 19. And arrears now still.
If I fail to pay child support even in hospital with blood clot to my aorta artery heart killed 1/3 spleen lost my license to drive twice I was threatened with jail. I could pay arrears still today and child support every month even him being 19 My daughter was raped her prom night sexually assaulted repeaditly the foster parent convicted in 2008 with charges pending still. My son 14 placements one exactly as the GAL sworn in her words to me she'd SEE him a CRIMINAL PAM GREGORY of Dent Minnesota I hope your reading this. I couldn't rally protect myself or my kids I am GUILTY! My KIDS WEAR SCARS that placement caused too. Judge Baland I hope you can now believe in these kids who were SENTECED by you
on a PERSONAL basis we feel. And still today were terrified living in fear of everyone here! Even you Honorable Judge Baland our police and courts Destroyed throughout my entire family we are.
My kids you kept me from! All came immediately back home to this entire family you FORCED THEM FROM these 7- 8 long years ago the last one here January 2009 needing closure..
I was able to continue to raise my stepchildren all these years/with grandbabies
I never gave up on my three children. I live the end results still physically psychologically financially depressed here along with evidence that little was invested into either my kids throughout all these years the scars they wear personally their belongings would prove too. Of this corrupted system today for having reported a crime that Todd county MN seen with the help by Social worker Kali Christenson. That expected immediate change! Disabilities that I had no control over and the endless years spent in therapy that we never gained closure while people like Monica Baso inforced RULES
even made them up along her way to perhaps make some people even look better than while others included children and families she seen DESTROYED with her given professional authority power to influence within a scope! I know it’s power to be morbidly overweight dictating dieticians compliance diligence all the children under her in this family were below or average contrary as the example she wasn’t but today 100-200lbs each over weight my daughter
Has severe asthma can you really convince me my kids were better off in a system of multiple placements no stability no affection love obviously they know routine eat sleep waken being told what to do.
They are a product of institutions ROUTINE!
You could care less about families when you could have reported The abuse prevent abuse or report it you choose to terminate our contact no matter the extent of damages to us,
The lies you’d have to tell, and the people you’d like wise misuse you get what you wanted We hope your happy now along with all the other co-conspirators in throughout our case/cases
The BLACKOUT I learned was a suspension of our rights when
I went to Wadena cnty court pleading for RIGHTS TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY SON IN 2008 The initial order age of majority or graduation whichever comes first unless they want to see me this would be SUPRESSED another FORCED issue against these children’s will. Or rights?
I knew there was something wrong waiting for an order police officer
Bailiff all Jeri the administrative deputy for Wadena cnty court
Lost order can’t find it she says as I waited crying I knew there was something wrong I learned as she said they closed his file he’s 18 no order but here Monica Baso says to give you this a letter memorandum suspension of rights No BLACKOUT! I had to contact WY. I had to beg for contact plead for rights I missed his high school graduation and well YOU DON’T KNOW OUR HELL!
I pray there is a GOD now at the end
We pray in a system of lesser power authority a division out side a SCOPE
A fair Justice we pray for freedom to report crimes without PUNISHMENT
Freedom from ABUSE under authority
Freedom of reporting by social services immediate
We pray for a piece of our lives back
Closure a new start Saddest part each my childrencarries resentment hurt pain that gets directed to me I own their grief my greif along with the many other family members besides tep siblings some relatives died others are just strangers alot they won't ever know now and well otherwise we've been all been labelded stero typed here in our family in our community etc

We need your help
We need the closure most of all
we don't know where to start? [protected] leave messages

Referances attorney general minnesota
Acf chicago and Minnesota
office of lawyers professional responsability
Board of licensure DHS
brainerd police 2001-02 reports
crowing county city counsel & faud unit/child support
Todd county child support
Cass county child support
Not limited too

Abuse to parent and children by their employees


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    djfaulk Feb 22, 2009

    The victims are children and families the names above in clude but not limited too from the very agency we allege caused us to be DESTROYED!

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