Moni / Brinks Securityrefuses to stop billing me and cancel service

M Aug 13, 2018

Since July 1st 2018 I have been attempting to get Brinks to acknowledge my cancellation of service, but to date the only response I have received here was from an Abraham C claiming that the way I have been treated is not how the company operates and that he will reach out to me to assist me. Well let me tell you genial readers this is just more lies from these shysters. To date the only contact I have had is three letters in the US Postal mail telling me I owe them money and an additional letter stating that if I do not pay them they will send my debit to collections. To be clear I do not owe this company anything I have tried repeatedly to cancel my account (I refuse to call it a service since no was provided) and they refuse citing all manner of policy and other hogwash. The most recent letter from them states that I owe them $101.14 for July and August monitoring service as well as late fees and penalties. Now then let's break this down. After getting nothing but lies and runaround from these people in June and July I contacted my bank and had them refuse any future charges from this company after all I have spoken to three different people at this company and told them I was canceling so it to be canceled right? So how come they are still trying to charge my credit card because they are crooks that's why. As for their claim of service as I stated to the people I have spoken with and in my original complaint they don't do anything. The alarm goes off no calls from them to my phone, no call to my local police department (I actually spent an afternoon at my local PD's records department going through the public log dispatch logbooks looking up the dates and times I know the alarm sounded over the last 2 years and surprise surprise not a single call from theirs company logged by my police department corresponding to the alarm going off, so that means either they never called the police as they are supposed to do under the terms of their so called service, or the dispatcher at my local police department forgot to log these nine separate calls which would be a felony under my states laws) so after seeing the proof of the pudding with my own eyes that they are not monitoring on 7/10/2018 I unplugged the main power and battery back up to the alarm system, and guess what again no call from them no police presence at my door looking to see if a burglar cut the power to my alarm. So this company wants me to continue to pay them for doing absolutely nothing because as I have demonstrated they are not monitoring anything so what good are they other than to harass people that don't know any better.

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