moneybrookers.comfalse advertising and insult


moneybrookers does offer a service of transferring smaller amounts of money unverified to bank accounts. This is stated as any amount lower than usd 1400. this is not true for Vietnam and moneybrookers demands verification with a BT bill or similar. BT does not serve Vietnam and most likely never will.
Moneybrookers does neither make anything clear before, but only if founds a deposited. After that they claim to send verification letters (not arrived, desite very much post arrives, even spam and junk), they also claim to have transfered an amount x to my account, also not arrived. account number and all is fine, as I have received moneys on several occasions).
In the mean time they are even claiming already something like ownership on my former USD 90. A great service. do avoid them at any cost.

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