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I was approached by my sister a year and a half ago to try this nutritional beverage. I knew my sister who was health conscious would not recommend a bad product so I tried it. I liked the taste & the 19 ingredients were all fruits, unlike most juices which the first ingredient is water then sugar. I went online to do some research and foud out what a great product it was and that it even had science to back it up. I also found some idiots at so called SCAM sites that I was smart enough to figure out wouldn’t make it in anything in life because they’re always looking for the negative in everything and or how to make an easy buck without working hard calling a bottle of juice costing $4.52 for what’s equal to the amount of antioxidants contained in 13 servings of common fruits & vegetables a SCAM. What a joke. I earned $925 my first 4 weeks with MonaVie by simply doing what my sister told me to do. She only did what her friend to her to do and so on. I made a list of everyone I knew and invited them to my house to SHARE a great product with them. Some of my friends and family decided to try it also so they enrolled as distributors to receive the product at wholesale vs. retail. Some where smart enough to take it twice a day everyday and noticed they slept better, had more energy and it even helped with aches and pains. Others had even better results which I’m not allowed to say. It’s funny how people are mentally trained to take pills for everything but they don’t call Tylenol a SCAM when the headache doesn’t go away? I then helped those that wanted to do the same SHARE the product with their friends and family and so on and so on. After 4 months I reached a level called Gold Executive which means you’re earning an average $52, 969 per year PART TIME. Kept SHARING some more and after one year reached Ruby Executive which is an average $103, 891 per year PART TIME. Is that a SCAM? Letting other people know about a product that the company believes in so much that they decided to get it out in the hands of people by friends telling friends vs. TV, Radio, NewsPaper? Yup those of us who consume and SHARE MonaVie are your typical stupid people. The top 5% who instead of crying & complaining, get out there and do some work. We don’t give up when a couple of idiots tell us no I’m not interested (because they know they can’t do it) or that won’t work. So to everyone who has written on this Blog & all others out there. Keep wasting your time complaining; see where that’s gotten you. MonaVie will keep growing making more & more people healthier & wealthier & you…? Complaining & writing about something you know nothing about. You just don’t get it do you? Keep waiting for the government & the “chosen one” to bail you out. :)


  • Ba
    bassboss48 Feb 22, 2011

    I don't know much about monovie but I know that it killed the bacteria in the bone in my girlfriends foot when antibiotics wouldn't. Because of that we have 3 people that want to try it and we aren't trying to sell anything. To speak to the comment about an an apple, like someone said, all in how you word it. Not me, not you or anyone else goes to the store and buys 1 apple for 75 cents. So tag on 5-7 dollars for the bag of apples you buy and oh yeah, don't forget the $3, 48 a gallon for gas that got you there and you don't get all the other wonderful nutrients in that apple either! Since we all don't have time to figure all that out and run and shop for all those things and somebody did and packaged it, you do have to pay for the convienence, just like 7/11! To those of you who want to say that the marketing is a pyrimid scheme, pyrimids are illegal and I bet you already know that it isn't a pyrimid or they wouldn't be in buisness! Its called multi level marketing and it does work successfully and it works the same way for everyone who actully puts in the effort. If you sponsor 20 people who do nothing then you will make nothing. There are alot of people who say they want to make money, but they don't want to put in the effort it takes. Like the guy above who has all the success numbers on monovie, guess what, only 3% of the people in the united states are successful! The rest are dead broke or within 3 months of being that! When you put those numbers up suddenly a small percentage of people in a single company dont look so bad but if your looking for an excuse why your not doing it that sounds good doesn't it? Hey guys, I'm not in this buisness and so far I don't sell it, but I use it and it is good and I know about multilevel marketing and it works but it is just like everything else in life, it aint free and it aint always easy. If you want to talk about a scam that all of you willingly participate try going to work every day for the man and what you don't give him you give to IRS by way of about 51% of your income in taxes and there aiming at more and none of you even whimper! If you want to talk about something illegal try that on for size and do something about it!

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  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    you aer all hatin look at your coprate job is a scam you work you hoel life and coe take all the money iused to work for the man too eveyday i had to pay him to work there and he just toolk all the money and ran.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Shorter Feb 01, 2010

    Shame on ALL of the contributors to this website who use this venue to endorse Monavie instead of ultilizing it as a hopeful source of greivance and complaint. This is a complaint website, not an endorsement one so please be consciously responsible for those of us who have bonafide complaints with this Company and save your pollyana joy, salvation and redemption of your involvement in this for a self-help group of others that shallowly share in your misguided philosphy.

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  • Fo
    Food Tech in CA Sep 20, 2009

    Superjuices don’t come close when comparing costs for antioxidants. Example: A day’s serving of MonaVie (4 oz.) is $7.20 ($45/bottle) or as low as $3.20 a day (at $20 – distributor’s cost) A single Delicious Red Apple costs about $0.75

    For MonaVie, that gives you a ORAC of 2, 698 umoles (29.57 ml per oz times 4 oz.times 22.81 according to AIBMR). That also gives you a total phenolics (all antioxidants) for the day, of 175 mg. for 4 oz.

    The 22.81 ORAC and 1.48 mg phenolics are from the MonaVie-sponsored study by AIBMR Life Sciences.

    Now compare it to a SINGLE Red Delicious Apple. Average weight 150 gms.
    Total ORAC per apple: 6, 413 umoles. (42.75 umoles times 150 gms)
    Total phenolics (total antioxidants): 520 mg per apple. Apple data from USDA ORAC Table of Selected Foods – 2007

    SUMMARY: ORAC: MonaVie: 2, 698 Apple: 6, 413
    PHENOLICS: MonaVie: 175 mg Apple: 520 mg
    COST: MonaVie: $3.20 to $7.20 per day Apple: $0.75/day"

    Food Tech in CA

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  • Sh
    Shopaholic24 Sep 19, 2009

    I love Monavie, can't go a day without it...for all the complainers I hope they are getting their fruits and veggies!

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  • Bi
    BillGoulddAGMS Sep 07, 2009

    Please note that no scientific study by an independent group has been able to validate that Monavie is even a healthy alternative to a vegetarian rich diet. Also, the way they sell their product through a multi-level marketing scheme will not yield any profits to the average distributor.

    Please read below:


    Please note that Monavie is a SCAM!

    Monavie uses the term multi-level marketing (MLM) as a way to sell their product. MLM is the same concept as a pyramid scheme. It is a legal way to scam unsuspecting people. The only way to become successful in this scheme is to cheat other people by promising them financial independence. This is the number one way to recruit new members. In reality, the new distributors have a very slim chance in making any profits from this scheme.

    In the case of Monavie, its' own 2007 income disclosure statement says that "fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week".1 In other words, only 0.1% of the distributors see any income from this venture. As such, it is extremely difficult to make any money as a distributor for Monavie.

    For example to earn a commission of $300 you have to sell 30 cases or 300 bottles, which they refer to as 3, 000 GSV, each bottle is worth anywhere from $37 (standard pricing) to $27 (bulk pricing), which means you have to recruit at least 30 of your friends/family to buy on a weekly basis at least 4 bottles each. This calculation is based on the pricing and compensation data from their website.2

    When you go to a Monavie meeting the first thing they will do is show you testimonials and photos of people in front of nice cars, homes, and yachts. The last thing they talk about is the actual business behind the product. This is to appeal to your emotions and to distract you from the real business. Once you're emotions are worked up it is harder to think logically. This is how they bring people to sign up.

    Pay attention to the numbers. To see the truth recreate the financial model behind the distributors compensation structure. Do not get distracted by the sales presentation. They will use language like, "we do not sell... we share" (if that were the case then Monavie should be free of charge for everyone, all the time).

    CLUE: The average distributor will never see any money from this company.

    The real winner here is Monavie. Because they manage to create 5 million sales distributors, who are also customers, without the overhead burden of a traditional sales force. These people are all hoping to make money when in reality <1% see any profits, the rest will see only losses.3

    Ignore all the testimonials and the lifestyle pitch. This is just a way to get you to think with your emotions rather than your brain!


    1("A Drink's Purple Reign". Newsweek. Retrieved 2009-07-17.)

    2The data above are based on various information provided by several Monavie representatives and distributors, and through an objective study of their product pricing and compensation structure, based on company literature, website and input from Monavie distributors.

    3Pay attention to the actual numbers, not the numbers they put up in the screen. Calculate the numbers yourself. It will take some work, because the information you need are located in various places and not clearly discernible. They use terms that will confuse the average person, like 200 PSV or 1, 000 GSV, which are meaningless to the average person. This is designed so that it is harder to recalculate the actual compensation and the amount of work required to obtain it. A real business person will not pay attention to the marketing fluff, but only the real financial return of the business!

    -- Bill Gouldd

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  • Mr
    mrthermister Sep 03, 2009

    Good job. You go!. There are winners, and whiners. Winners don't whine, and whiners don't win. Winners don't quit and whiners do quit. People can ALWAYS find something negative about something. Out of millions of people SOMEBODY is going to complain, but Monavie hasn't won so many awards as a fluke. There is a reason Monavie is #1 in Inc. Magazine (Food & Beverage). It can't be a scam, and be #1. It can't be a scam and be the official drink of the Anaheim Angels, the Boston Red Sox, and the Utah Jazz. It can't be a scam and have just won the Utah Business Fast 50 awards program for the fastest growing company in Utah, where Utah is the fastest growing economy in the US. It can't be a scam and have been granted the ONLY US patent #7, 563, 465 for the acai berry processing procedure. If Redbull can be banned in 6 countries (and nobody is complaining about Redbull), and Coke cleans your toilet, then Monavie can have it's detractors and still be a legitimate, worthwhile, viable company to be a part of.

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  • No
    Not yet decided on MonaVie. Jun 04, 2009

    Actually, from the research I've done about this product, "...[of] which I'm not allowed to say" means that they 'believe' MonaVie is responsible for curing many ailments other than aches and pains. They are "not allowed to say" because these claims of miracle cures can in no way be backed by the FDA or any other administration. Does it mean it's not true? Who knows.

    But I do know this - as a distributor trying to hawk their product to anyone and everyone who's interested, they would like to have you believe it is a miracle product; however they will be held liable in the court of law if they were to claim that it cured cancer (for example), when, in no way, that can be proven by any health organization.

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  • Jo
    john kupiec Feb 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when you speak about the certain benefits of monavie you mention that "others had even better results which i'm not allowed to say". if the product is so good, why can't you say what ailments it helped? who is not allowing you to do so?

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  • Sc
    ScamHater Feb 17, 2009

    If you want to "work hard" by pestering your friends and family to become a 'distributor' like all Multi-level marketing schemes do, this is the job for you. Oh, and ALWAYS make sure you don't EXACTLY tell the whole truth/ just keep a little aside to yourself...and no way does Monavie cost $4 or $5...more like $45! Ridiculous. Now if you have the money to throw away on that, go right ahead, but I know I sure don't. (And one bottle only lasts you 2 weeks tops!!) The only good thing I can say about it? It tastes good.

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  • An
    Angus Feb 13, 2009

    The Better Business Bureau sure seems to think that Monavie is a scam -- they gave the company an "F" rating.

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