- #1 Phony with the rudest customer service


I'm reposting my comment here as a separate complaint against MOGS.

I ordered from 3 days ago where I had the most disappointing experience. Their chat queue is terrible and after 35 minutes of waiting an agent finally picked up and I VERY NICELY asked why I still didn't have my gold and guess what? I was told: "well if you think you've been patient enough we can give you your money back." My, my, aren't we testy, I wanted to say. But I kept my cool and told her that I didn't want a refund; I was merely asking why I haven't received my order. She said, "I know but we are having trouble with supplies. So if you don't want another long wait we'll just give you back your money." Before I could say anything, she ended the chat with a "Come back when you have decided."

When I have decided what? That I WOULD NO LONGER WANT TO USE THEIR SERVICES? If that's how they treat their customers then I certainly wouldn't want to do business with them again! I chose because I read in other sites that they are the best gold sellers in the industry, but after my experience with them I'm beginning to think they are PAYING those sites to put them in the #1 spot!

As of today I still don't have my gold and I sent so many emails to them my fingers are sore. The chat queue now says "Currently 7 users waiting for Live Help". I am desperate for an update - anything to let me know if I'm still going to get my gold. But it looks like I'm not going to hear from them until I FILE A CHARGEBACK!!!

TAKE MY WORD: DON'T GO TO MOGS.COM. You'll be sorry!


  • Xa
    xavier Dec 02, 2008

    was supposd to file this complaint but looks lyk u beat me to it. i hate mogs. rude dogs in customr servis. will never order from them again!

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  • Dr
    Draenei Dec 02, 2008 is the world's #1 liar! Bad, bad, bad service. Based in the US? BS!

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  • Re
    Rembrandt Dec 04, 2008

    You want arrogance? Go to They treated me like they were doing me a favor by accepting my order and like they didn't need my money. I agree with Spike that their customer service is "testy". After waiting in the queue, I ended up chatting with a very impatient agent who made me feel that following up on my order was a waste of their time. Lesson learned: I'm not going back there EVER AGAIN.

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  • Jo
    jon Feb 08, 2009

    jon: yes i have been stung by this rip off merchants! i had decided to dispute it through paypal! i went and asked 4 days later where is my refund after 2 weeks wait and they got real testy with me... lesson learnd also if you report them too paypal they try and harrass you with phonecalls STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! this is not the way you treat customers

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  • Mi
    MikeH28 May 09, 2010

    Heh I work next to this company's customer service building, they did layoff a bunch of people last year, but they seem to be awesome and always get back to me. And I've never been ripped off.

    You guys just have ### luck I think.

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  • Jt
    jtjc4life Jul 14, 2010

    I personally have been ordering from mogs for the past year or 2 and have had in upwards of 30-40 orders, yes i know i have issues, that aside, i have Never had any bad experiences with mogs about getting delivered my gold, mogs customer service has been wonderful, now i do agree at times they may be low in stock but you have to understand that they cant just Create the item you pay for they also do lose stock, you must be patient in that regard. I have never been ripped off or scammed from this company, the customer service is usually very prompt, sometime its slow if its not a usually working hour if you live in the US, I have had times i waited in upward to 2-3 days for my product if it were alot of quantity, but there has been Waaaay more times where I placed an order and it was delivered within an hour, and quite a few times i have received it within 15-20 minutes. One customer support tech that i usually deal with is Mark, he seems to be on top of his stuff and gets me taken care of very rapidly.

    Like the person said above, It may have been a bad experience or just a fluke of an order, i wouldnt be so shunned away by this occasion and I personally would stick with using this site over Most of the others as there has been times i have been straight ripped off by different sites, Cheaper is not always Better when it comes to items of this nature.

    On a second note, for whoever reads this, Dont even bother disputing with paypal as they will usually Never reimburse you and there is literally No liability for scams of this nature. They call this type of buy an Intangible good, meaning you cant physically hold the item in your hands, if thats the case they wont cover your back or even go after the seller of the goods, even if you dispute it all the seller has to say in the complaint is Intangible good and its a 100% get out of jail free card. Hopefully this will change in the future but i have been bitten by this type of scam and have been through this process to no avail.

    Stick with mogs, they are probably one of the most reliable / stable services i have used over the years

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  • Gu
    guide Oct 01, 2010

    use ...

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  • Bi
    Bigdee Apr 05, 2011

    I have been a long times mogs customer, and they were really good for the first few years, Twice i had to cancell through paypal because on non delivery's. I have spent at least 1000 on a particular acct, for my 10 toons, been away from them for a while untill i received a notice that blizzard had threatened them and contacted pay pal about it being an illegal service=RED Flag, what your back blizz is on there case. I waiting a while and placed an order recently, they delived half of the gold, said they would brb, never heard from them since. Act like there giving away free stuff. Haden your guys are going to tank you bussiness.

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  • Bi
    Bigdee Apr 05, 2011

    I have been a long times mogs customer, and they were really good for the first few years, Twice i had to cancell through paypal because of non delivery's. I have spent at least $1000 on a particular acct, for my 10 toons, been away from them for a while untill i received a notice (from mogs) that blizzard had threatened them (and) contacted pay pal, about it being an illegal service=RED Flag, "whatch your back" blizz is on there case. I waiting a while, and placed an order recently. They delived half of the gold, said they would brb, never heard from them since. Act like there giving away free stuff. Haden your guys are going to tank you bussiness. Will never get an order from me again, even vip's get dumped on. bad bussiness.

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  • Ga
    Ganondorf Aug 02, 2011

    I can confirm they're scammers. I tried selling currency to them and didn't get paid, the website stating i would get paid after 2 weeks on the 1st or 14th, now in live chat they say it's one full month and then on the 1st or 14th. Support guy would also not comment on my question: if the order is pulled back, will you provide proof ? Of course not.

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  • Up
    Upsetric Apr 14, 2012

    I made a large purchase to them and expected the normal call verification. After clicking buy I got a call shortly after. The fellow on the phone was using a skype account to hide the number. I was ask to verify my address etc then out of the blue was told I needed to submit a photo ID. I made purchases from them in the past they LOST my purchase history and treated my acc as a new buyer. This was never mentioned on there website anywhere. I discussed this with the online live support and the fellow jon was really harsh about getting some type of photo id. They refused right away at that point. The connection kept dropping on his end in the live chat and they obviously didn't want to refund.

    After finally getting info I was told I'd have to wait up to 6-48 hours. I contacted them back 6 hours later for an update and they traded 2/3 of the purchase. The next day I was sent a message in game and got the other 1/3. I went to contact the live 24/7 chat and saw it wasn't 24/7 chat it had a message "Please try again during normal busyness hours." . Later I tried again and was greeted with blank chat pages. After reviewing the liveperson details it turns out they blocked my ability to contact them over their live chat.. Way to deal with paying customers. I wasn't cussing or threatening. I was concerned that I was getting ripped off because all the hidden steps and actions of support.

    Guys these people made me have a HORRIBLE experience. Not only are they unprofessional they do so with arrogance and false advertising etc. I read everything about there rav reviews and IMHO based on my experience I'll never buy from them again. It's fairly clear that if they block support for rational customers they don't want my money anyway. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the people who did the transaction definitely wasn't English..

    I got my purchase but had to jump through hoops.

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  • Me
    Me1411 Apr 27, 2012

    ###ing ### took my money and did not deliver. Scammers hoping that pp will not claim back their money !!! Don't use this these thieves

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  • Em
    EmilBoha Feb 19, 2013

    Only the customer service is from USA. The suppliers are from all over the world.
    Secure? For who? Not for customers since anyone can supply. (I will message ingame all the customers whom orders I filled thanking them ingame for buying currency from mogs, hoping that they will get suspended and they will start harrasing mogs as well).
    Not for suppliers since they are a bunch of scammers. Most likely they are running something like a ponzi scheme.

    Dependable? No way, or not for suppliers as well. All they can say regarding payments " My manager knows, he will do it ASAP" (Everyday the same thing for past 2 months). PS: THey don't have a manager. Mark didn't even notify the other operators of his lies.
    Competitively prices = The highest price on the market. They are supposed to pay the suppliers 1/3 of that price with a BIG delay. I'm still waiting for the payment for the orders that I filled in december. (I guess interest is in order for those $).
    Slow delivery time for wow, tera, swtor and gw2. On suppliers page I can see the same orders staying open for a couple of days if the customers are lucky, or more if they are unlucky. And this will only get worse since people will stop supplying mogs.

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  • As
    Astelle Jun 06, 2013

    Safe but VERY slow. It isn't 100% American at all. I had to use Google translate in simplified Chinese to try and understand when they would phone me for this confirmation call for new buyers and in the end they didn't even know, but they were polite and nice when I spoke to them in Chinese.

    I'm waiting for my confirmation phone call from 9am this morning when I bought from them. If anyone has a phone number for them please reply with it.

    I would suggest not bothering with them, as I won't be again, it's too slow for my liking and I may open a dispute with them if this isn't done by tomorrow. I don't give them chances when another company better than them could have already paid me by now considering I've just thrown money at them.

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