Mobile PlanetFraud


I had purchased a Htc touch dual from mobile planet end of dec 07. After couple of weeks the charger port was not working properly. I called Mobile planet they said to return the phone to bloomington, IL, I did in feb 08. I was told by mobile planet that it would take 6 weeks to reapair. After 8 weeks no answer, i called them up and customer service returns amanda mailed me back saying it is on the way back after repair. After a week I was told the charging port was damaged by user and need to pay$90 for repairs. I filed with credit card to return my payment because the phone was defective. After 4 more weeks I called returns for status on phone, I was told it was scraped by htc because I did not make the payment in a timely maner. How can they scrap a phone which I payed for? I was so mad the returs manager logan chandle is a very rude man he had no regrets in damaging my phone. I asked who is top of you, he said he is the ultimate and could not do anything. This is big frad company I will defend my case in the court of law. I had one yr warranty on this phone and they have no rights to destroy my precious phone. They could not replace the phone which i bought for hard earned money. Watch this site people!!! they are fraud.

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