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A con-artist scammer by the name of "Jonathan Corrales" placed an order of $4850 USD, and emailed me the bank copy of his payment. Thinking that I could trust him as a long-time customer, I sent goods to him immediately. But I didn't get the money !!. I found out later that he paid me only $2000 USD, and said would pay me the rest in 2-3 weeks time. But now more than 1 month has passed, I still didn't get any reply from him

And later someone from his company by the name of "Gregory" told me he was killed in car accident, but a few days later I called the company and a lady said he was in vocation!!

If this is how people conduct their business online, then we can say goodbye to ecommerce. This is totally and completely shameful and a disgrace to the many honest people who rely on the internet to do their business and those who believe and stand by their integrity and trustworthiness.


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      Aug 03, 2009

    I have the same experience of Almost a year ago I ordered a brand-new modified Xbox 360, but upon arrival I received no controllers with it at all. As time went on, he finally agreed that I should get the wireless controller I was promised. He sent me a wired one, and I immediately complained. Three weeks later the console broke down (in a fashion way worse than 3 red rings), and I complained for the second time. Now, Jonathan did actually admit that he had sent me an in-store console, and also said that it was sold as-is. He even said this (translated): "..even you can understand why I won't refund you for this..." . Shocking.

    So with that said, Stay as FAR away from this crook as possible, I've heard that the owner even puts in positive reviews of his own store on various Internet forums. Beware!!!

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