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Missouri Gas EnergyTerrible Customer Service, Unsolicited Charges

Dear Sir or Miss,

I recently attempted to resolve an issue regarding my new gas services at 4602 Campbell St. Apt. 1, Kansas City, MO 64110. I was connected to a supervisor in order to discuss the issue. The issue is that I, and my fiancé Chelsey have been attempting to transfer service at my address to my name since July, but have been repeatedly misinformed or ignored.

To begin with Chelsey attempted to connect the service for me before I ever called. When she was told that she was providing an incorrect SSN (which she later proved that MGE’s records were faulty through a copy of her social security card, and had recorded her private information under another person’s name), I called and asked to simply put the records in my name since I was the one living there, to which I was told that I could not do so (note, I was told that I couldn’t pay for the gas that is being supplied the apartment that I am leasing, in fact Chelsey was told this when she asked if I could just call).

Confused, but following the customer representative’s mandates, I continued along the path to resolve Chelsey’s identification issues. I was told in either my first or second call with a customer representative (after inquiring if there was a date that I needed to have the issue resolved by, in order to avoid any kind of startup fees) that our account would be flagged as having an issue and consequently would not be charged the fee, that I didn’t have anything to worry about. In speaking with the supervisor, I was told that there are no records of such a note.

Throughout the last three weeks, Chelsey sent MGE her records numerous times, but never received notification from MGE, so she was compelled to inquire for herself several times. After her continuing faxes, MGE eventually responded that they had received her fax and that she still could not complete the transfer. At this time, she asked if now I could register the account under my name, to which we were finally told yes (completely contrary to the two or three separate occasions we were told the opposite weeks earlier).

So finally, after all of this, I call another three times in the span of two business days, each time being told that a customer representative would get back to me, but never did. The fourth call, the issue was finally resolved, or so I thought. Because this process, of consistently misinforming the customer over the period of weeks, at the end of which we have had no use of gas powered appliances (meaning cold showers), took so long that the previous cycle ended, and we could no longer transfer the service, but instead had to initiate a new one. At hearing that start-up fees would total $45.00, I told the customer representative what I had been told weeks prior, and was then connected to a supervisor.

The supervisor continued to tell me that not only was the note never made on our account, but the misinformation of the customer representatives, and the lack of ever having been contacted (as promised) four or more times that resulted in a slow down of the process of resolution, would now cost us $45.00; that several hours of my, the customer’s time that was spent solely trying to provide MGE with what is essentially money, that now I have to pay an additionall $45.00 simply to correct MGE’s consistent and grossly rude errors.

And it should not go without saying, that during this entire process, where Chelsey and I spoke to what is likely to be over 10 separate customer representatives, were continuously disrespected, treated rudely, and broadly ignored. Chelsey can remember only two representatives who seemed to have any consideration for her, as a customer, whatsoever, whereas I can note only one, and that is the very last customer representative that I spoke to (following my being hung up on by the supervisor). This mistreatment goes so far as to management, where I was hung up on by the supervisor that I spoke to about my experience. Somehow, throughout these several weeks, both Chelsey and I have managed to remain more polite than each and every employee that we have dealt with, including the management that we dealt with. When I share these experiences with others, they can't believe how we as customers were treated by a company that we were attempting to patron.

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  • Nj
    nj63 Oct 05, 2009

    I completely agree with your opinion of MGE. I have recently had issues with their very poor customer service when I needed to reconnect my gas after turning it off for the summer (only my heater is on gas). The same thing happened to me last year as well when I needed to get it reconnected. Hours and days have been wasted on the phone and/or waiting for them to come to my house. When attempting to explain/resolve the problem they have been very rude and disrespectful. This is what happens when they have a monopoly on the gas in the area. If I had the choice, I would go elsewhere for my gas service.
    ~very unsatisfied MGE customer

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  • Ra
    racerxxv Apr 22, 2011

    Agree. I've been on hold with Mo Gas Energy for over an hour waiting to talk to someone.
    Been trying to talk to a human for a week now. Finally caught someone Wed...then got cut off.
    It's now Friday. They have set a new high water mark in tragically poor customer service.

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  • Th
    thimsrebma Jun 15, 2011

    I know this is an old board but I will reply as someone may happen upon this and need some useful tips.

    I had a problem with MGE when I first bought a home Feb 3, 2010. I called a few days before closing on my house just to make sure everything went smoothly with changing the name from the old owner to me. But MGE told me they couldnt switch service to me becuase 4 yrs ago I lived in a house that had an outstanding balance. I told them that how can they hold me responsible for a bill that I was not listed on. Of course they said it didnt matter because I lived there and benifitted from the use of Gas during that time.

    They then gave me the number to the collection agency, but the collection agency wouldnt discuss it with me because the debt was not in my name. Can you imagine that? Someone telling you that you owe money for something, you call collections and they wont talk to you because it's against the law to discuss that info with people who are not listed as the debtor.

    I called MGE back and told them about what the collection agency said and they still would not switch me over. Here it is February, freezing and snowing, and in a few days the gas will be cut off. After yelling and screaming and lots of prayer, I then filed a complaint with both the Better Bussines Bureau and the Missouri Public Service Commission.

    The BBB is a joke and do not do much to resolve issues. However the MPSC contacted me back immediately and within 38 hours some high up manager from MGE was contacting me at 6pm on a Friday night. She said "This is ridiculous! I don't know why they do this to people." refering to how they treated me. She personally swithced the gas to my name that night and it was never cut off.

    Utlility companies have a monopoly. We have no choice but to go to them unless we use wind powered turbines. MGE especially, is all about the money. They will lie, cheat and steal to get it. So if you ever have a problem with any utility company contact the Missouri Public Service Commision (or the PSC in whatever state you live in). Their job is to regulate these monopolized industries so that we do not get taken advantage of.

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  • Mc
    Mchugha Jul 07, 2011

    We are experiencing similar difficulties. I moved from an apartment to a small home, and my gas bill always ranged in the $60.00 amount. When November rolled around, MGE stated that I would be able to go on level pay for $106.00 a month. I work for the state so when I got paid, I was prepared to pay $106.00 and go on level pay. It's June and last month, I believed I paid off my final balance of $310.00! Ouch. I thought I had got kicked off level pay, since we get paid only on the 15th and the last day of the month- this is just not so- Now, my bill is for $156.00 and I have an balance of $204.00 due in addition to the $156.00. I would just love to know where they get their numbers and how they figure it's okay to charge outrageous fees for something we hardly use b/c I work and am rarely ever even home. They re-evaluate your bill in Feb. and July, and this was something I was unprepared for- Now, I'm certain even if I pay the $360.00 that they feel like their gas is worth, I'll be stuck with another outrageous bill that doesn't allow me to go off of level pay. I asked the representative, if I go off level pay, do all the charges become due? to which they replied, YES. =( I'm $500 behind in rent, can't buy food for my children and other bills have lapsed all thanks to MGE. I work so I don't qualify for any kind of special assistance- but wait, if I let my gas get cut off- then suddenly I'm a negligent parent for not being able to keep my gas on- All I can say is what the heck? what kind of scam is this? Who can afford to keep making $300.00+ gas payments when one makes less than $1400.00 a month. This is very disheartening and disturbing...I feel like I'm in a bottomless pit that I can't crawl out of.

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  • Ka
    Kat in Distress Oct 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so disappointed with MGE. I spent several hours in a run around today related to a commercial account catch 22 and I am posting for the benefit of others who may wonder what to do or if they are going crazy themselves with contradictions. I called to get gas turned on in a vacant unit so I can have it safety tested and make sure it is working well for the next tenant since it has been vacant for over a year and we had done work on it. This is perhaps the tenth apartment I called for service in the past two years. THIS time, I am told there are past due bills from various apartments that total about $2500 and the unit will not have any gas turned on until this bill is paid in full. These bills it turns out were old bills associated with tenants skipping out or not turning the bill to their names and things like this where the gas was charged to my account somehow but I was not billed or made aware of it at the time. These bills were from 2007 to 2009 or early 2010 as the final dates and some were consolidated from more than one account to a combined account. Now MGE says I can pay the bill collectors and collection agencies or pay them but no more gas in any apartments until these old collections are cleared even though I have always been current with public service and any bills that I personally received in writing that were arranged by me. Other bills went to an old manager who is no longer with us and I never saw them at the time to question them.

    So I asked since they are old and the accounts and apartment charges are so scrambled can I negotiate a settlement offer. The supervisor said that only the collection agency can negotiate a settlement. So I got the names of their collection agencies and called them. The first said it was so old it could settle for 50% so I agreed and gave my information. Then she called me back an hour or so later saying that on that very same day MGE sent out a letter to them saying no settlement agreement would be allowed and only the full amount could be collected. Is that a coincidence? If so, a terrible one for me. So I called the next agency that had another consolidated bill with a bunch of old information in it and it looks like they had the same letter not to settle for less than 100%. So here it is with winter coming on and they are out for the profit margins to hold ransom any gas until they collect the debts the supervisor and the agency told me were "charged off" in 2009. Since I never got the original bills for these things I don't have any way to verify and it is certain that I did not myself use the gas or intend to be paying for tenant utilities. Still, I would work something out if they allowed a plan or payments or a settlement that was reasonable. It seems MO GAS puts profit above other considerations of service even to the point of unreasonable action. So now I have a furnace I can't test and a unit I can't heat until I pay MGE or some collection agency an unverified amount of money and even then it may be a ding on my credit report. Having competition would be good for this company and they probably would be a lot more friendly and helpful to their long term clients.

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  • Ti
    timmy123456 Dec 03, 2013

    The customer service represenitve Dawn is one rude and sarcasitic b****.

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  • Fe
    FedUp Dec 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had an incident today that has me wanting to kill something.

    At 10am in the morning a contractor for MGE knocked at my door and told me they were going to be switching my line over. The guy asked for a phone number in the event they needed to contact of me and I gave it to him. This jokers name was Matthew. I went and ### off the only two gas pilot lights in my home assuming that they would shut the gas off when they switched lines. So these guys went across the street and dug holes in the ground and such and made a bunch of racket all day. About 3:30 p, this Matthew guy calls and tells me they have the line switched over and they were coming in my house to check the pilot lights. I advised Matthew that i would light the pilot lights myself. He then told me NO that his people would have to come in. That pissed me off just a little and I told him NO, it was my house and I would light my own pilot lights. He then threatened me and told me that if I did not let his people in my house they were not turning the gas back on. I said fine you will be responsible ff my house water freezes. I further explained to this jerk that if he intended to pounce through my house he should have made prior arrangements with me. He told me it was "their? policy. I explained to him that the only policy that counted was mine since it was MY house. He got all snotty and communicated he would get back to me. I then started calling and called everyone from the chicken ### at MGE to the chicken ### at the state utilities commission. I refuse to let those ### bully me and tell me I have to let anyone in my house just because they tell me they can. Screw them. I am now sitting here with no heat or hot water or gas service in the middle of Winter. You can not imagine the pay back I intend to get from these Sonzab****es.

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  • Sh
    Shutdownmge Jun 20, 2014

    MGE needs to be stopped! They are a bunch of rude old hags working there that are obviously miserable with their job and lives. Not our faults! I can't simply get a decent nice human on the phone ANY time I call! Is it that hard to be courteous anymore? And don't expect to get anywhere with these people if you question your bill. Instant defense and rudeness on their part. They are bullies and they act like we owe these customer service workers money personally! (You work for a company, I do not personally owe you money.) Also trying to transfer your utilities is like pulling teeth with these people, and the outrageous amounts of money that we all of a sudden owe?! Where are these charges coming from? They have put my name and social on an unauthorized account that I never even lived at. But they are claiming I put my name on the account? But yes Mge, you are right and i am obviously mistaken. They are scam artist. What can we do as customers with no other options in the Kansas city area?

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  • Sp
    SPARKY4 Nov 14, 2014

    Ridiculous Company, first of all I have never lived in a state where they will just leave you and your children and animals out in the frigid cold, over a small petty amount of money, or dispute over a previous bill or previous owners/tenants energy use. Really ?? you shouldn't base your fixed payment plans based off an average of a prior tennant, what if those ### had their heat cranked all winter without any financial concerns, your telling me I have to live by their same standards ?? and held accountable for the energy use at my residence before I ever lived here...what a bunch of BS. Our furnance is a top of the line "high-effieciency", it uses very little gas for example from april - august we only owed $43 hardly ever.used it..and they told us if we didn't pay it, and they shut us off- that in the future when we re-connect they will require us to pay an additional $100 deposit. here's the thing when we did use the furnace...a few times, I noticed some obvious issues, problems with the pilot-less ignitor, and an strong gas odor inside the unit. NOw, on the contrary missouri gas's emergency response is great, they came out right away, detected a leak and shut our gas off..however the tech noticed and admitted to me that at the meter our outside pressure coming into the house was oddly higher than it should have been set at according to their normal standards...hmm and yes/ you guessed it "Im responsible for making necessary repairs to my unit inside the home before they will come back and turn on gas" outside. so he just fixed the pressure issue, turned off the gas and left !! I had to spend a few hours fixing the gas line junctions leading into our furnace, then after i did that ended up having to spend $300 for a new ignition panel. which probably malfunctioned because they had our pressure sky high. Im just thankful we didn't blow the house up in the process of this all. So basically out of frustration I didn't pay the measly $43 I owed them, assuming they would never shut someone off over a such small amount, and I would pay it in full once we start using gas more frequently in the winter months to come. well guess what - dude shows up out of no-where in the middle of august banging on our front door, then yelling through our open window...scared the ### out of my wife, and dog ! ! wow I happened to be home as well, I just shook my head, and all I could think...WOW greedy ###. So now ------ here we are in November !!! cold as hell, and I try calling them to resolve this bill issue get turned back on...I literally spent hours trying to get a snobby jerk on the telephone to actually help. of course they use the typical excuse "well its cold out sir, and we're busy" yeah, no ###. but several attempts to call their phone line, it just says "sorry all circuits are busy now please try your call again late, r" AND SOMETIMES I WOULD GET THRU AND IT WOULD JUST ODDLY GO SILENT AND CALL GOT CUT, OR IT WOULD SAY THEIR WAS AN ERROR RETRIEVING YOUR ACCT. GOODBYE, AND A COUPLE PEOPLE GOT SO FRUSTRATED WITH MY STORY THEY JUST PLAIN OLD HUNG UP ON US...So then I finally get thru and they tell me that I am also gonna be responsible for my EX- spouses final bill at an old address, and they are gonna tack on another $416 to what I owe. So long story short I ended up paying these ###S $220.00 just to be reconnected, which is btw, gonna take them up to 5 days before they can even get to me, so my family is gonna spend another long ### weekend FREEZING, thanks alot, and thanks for the hundreds of dollars I am now being forced to pay BIG BAD BULLY ### MGE, for serviceS that I have hardly benefit ted from at all, whatsoever, IT aint right, TO SAY THE LEAST. and I refuse to let them cocky jerks get the last laugh, while they tramp around the kansas city area, robbing innocent people blind, and making them spend hours of precious time on the phone trying to resolve common issues, and leaving people out in the cold because "were busy" AND "you owe us money"...PLEASE !! SPARE ME THE EXCUSES MGE, AND HIRE SOME MORE PEOPLE, THEN, WHO KNOW THEIR HEADS FROM THEIR ###, SO YOUR NOT LEAVING CHILDREN IN THE COLD WHEN ITS 15 DEGREES IN NOVEMBER AT NIGHT. SERIOUS MONEY MAKING ### highway robbery ###. SMH

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  • Ct
    C Ty Dec 16, 2014

    There web site does not support very well when using Safari browser. I tried using my android smartphone and the text is very small and hard to read. There web site work in my Samsung s5 smartphone but the text is super super small to read and I wish it will adopt the screen and resize the text that most utility company does right now. It seems MGE website is OUTDATED!!!. Before, MGE website was always up to date because when some latest browser has been release, there web site support right away unlike other utilities don't support because it will take them like a couple of months before they support it but that was long time ago. It's better to use their website than calling their customer service because when I tried to call customer service listed on MGE website, I get a recording that it's busy and when it's not busy you need to wait a longer time until you get to talk to the service representative. It would be convenient if their website works and can be read easily in smartphone devices and if that happens, I don't need to waste my time calling the customer service. MGE website should support the modern devices. I put two stars because when I email the MGE Web Support when you encountered an error while viewing your bill online, they replied back immediately. Make your website to be a full blown self-service so that we don't need to call the number that is always busy. This is just a simple request. I just don't want to waste my time in the phone.

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  • Al
    alexelric Feb 05, 2015

    I'm being charged a 65 dollar reconnect fee, a collection fee of 24 dollars and now i have to pay a security deposit on top of my already overdue amount? This is just crazy. My 136.97 dollar bill just became a 379.91 dollar bill because i'm a couple days late. This really sucks. I know its completely my fault but that's a lot of money. When I went online to pay it last week, there wasn't any information on all these fees and charges so I just went ahead and paid both bills. Now I'm going to be spending 500 dollars in gas bills. Its insane.
    The worst part about all this (not that I haven't already been kicked while I'm down by the gas company) the website is down. I guess I have to call them and pay over the phone. The last time I called them I also tried to speak to a supervisor about how they should look into a different phone system, he was rude, didn't seem interested, put me on hold for 10 minutes, the whole thing was just a terrible experience and I wasn't even calling to complain. I wanted to tell him what had happened so that (hopefully) he could get it resolved with a simple email. I guess talking to me about their phone system is just too much to ask for.
    Is it that hard for them to care for the people in their city? I can't imagine if I had kids and just lost my job and all of a sudden I have to pay this extra 300 dollars bill. Its wrong. Systems like this should be set up for the people, not against them. This is just fueling the hate that already exists for the company.

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  • Se
    Seriously Mad Apr 27, 2015

    I am renting a house in 64151. The previous tenant Apparently has a VERY HIGH outstanding bil with MGE, so guess who suffers??? I have two small children under the age of 5- one being a NEWBORN and they don't give a crap. they need to speak to my landlord before they can even set up an appt. AFTER I have already paid my $200 deposit needed to turn on the gas. This is just ridiculous. I don't think i have hated anyone more than I hate MGE. I HATE THEM. HATE. They can eat a bowl of herpes infested d*cks.

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  • Mg
    MGEhater Jun 05, 2015

    Their billing is terrible. They return payment when you have money in the bank to cover the check. They'll indicate on their website they accepted your payment, then say there was a technical error and shut off your gas. And bill you $90 to turn it back on. When you call, the customer service representative will be rude and blame you for their mistake. I filed a complaint against them with the Missouri Public Service Commission, but I never got a response. If I could take my business anywhere else, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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  • La
    Laurie ann Wilson Aug 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree they give you the run around and tell you to go here to do something and that person say will we don't do that here so i call mge back today and they told me once agian to go to this place .

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  • Cl
    clyde krevitz Sep 18, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received two (2) separate bills today, one has my name and address and the other has the name of Andria Richardson, with my address..this needs to be corrected and have her taken off of my address...I do not know this person. Please advise when this has been done...

    My Bill Name is Clyde Krevitz acct # [protected]..

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  • Ke
    KEVIN JOHNSON Apr 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We paid are bill at 7:03am on a Friday morning. You mean to tell me that NO ONE can turn my services back on till MONDAY!!! When I called I was told that some one would be out this evening and than about.30min later someone called and said NO ONE WILL BE OUT till MONDAY!!! I ask to speak with someone and as I type this message I'm still on HOLD 56min! Still no one has picked up a the line!

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  • Ag
    AG_aquarius Jan 19, 2017

    I spoke with a customer service rep on 12/02/2016 to let them know that I would be closing my account on 12/30/2017. At that time they told me that I would have my deposit returned to me. Long story short, I've spoken to several different people who gave me several different answers regarding my deposit being returned. It's 01/19/2017, and they are just now beginning to process my return. They told me 7-10 business days the last time I called. Well, today I was told that it will take up to 30 days. There team needs to have better training because no one is on the same page there. Very frustrating situation.

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  • Le
    lenelene Feb 06, 2017

    MGE's customer service has got to be the worse ever. The billing department has been messing up my bill for over six months, to resolve the issue they want me to run all around town to provide proof, and then to top it off they placed me on a cash only billing method. Nobody took ownership of my problem and they were very inadequate and rude. They are horrible!!! They make multiple of mistakes, don't know what they are doing, and they obviously don't care.

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  • St
    StaceySH Mar 31, 2017

    I phoned MGE on Monday to inform them that I would be paying my $79 bill that Friday when I got paid and the CSR said to pay it as soon as possible to which I responded I can pay it on Friday when I get paid. He told me he would note my acct and have a good day. I get home on Thurs to a notice that a tech had stopped by today and shut off my gas. I immediately got on the phone to rectify the situation and after 30+ min wait the cust service center was closed!!! I called back the next morning only to be told that once you are scheduled for shut off they cannot take you off the list until you make the payment and that I had one of two options for reconnection: pay over $200 or $124 plus $74 for the next 11 months!! on top of that they cant schedule a same day reconnect because it is against policy. MGE knows they have a monopoly on the gas service in KCMO so they feel free to treat their customers any kind of way including breaking their own agreements just to hustle more money out of its patrons knowing we don't have any other options. They are basically old school thugs/gangster/hustlers!!! And the fact that we have no government officials will step in to rectify their behavior is wreckless. They will not change their strong arm tactics until held for the suffering MGE customers who are just trying to survive in the economy and make sure they can provide for their household. SHAME ON YOU MGE!!!

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