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Miners-hash.comnot allowing withdrawal of own investment

I registered on this platform on August 1, 2019. The next day I tried to withdraw my matured investment according to their terms of 24 hours plan last August 3. I then get back to them when I noticed that withdrawal is still on pending status. To my surprise, I have been asked to deposit a fresh $100 so that I can withdraw my first matured investment. In which they never mention such in our chat previous to investment. They assured me that I could withdraw such first investment without any fee or whatsoever kind of payment before the withdrawal. What I really suppose to do is to withdraw it, and take a shot as my proof payment so I could promote my link, unfortunately, they never allow even in the form diplomacy. To resolve the problem, all I want for them to do is to give me back my investment even without the profit. They insisted on me to refer 10 people, but I told them that I have no guts to invite someone without the proof, in which they have disregarded my simple request of taking a screenshot of my withdrawal. Hoping that the resolution on this matter will open up those unscrupulous investment platform owner.

not allowing withdrawal of own investment