Milton Ruben Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Augusta GA2014 dodge ram service

J Sep 15, 2018

I have a 2014 Dodge Ram with a Lifetime Warranty. I took my truck in for a transmission problem. It took them almost 2 weeks to tell me it needed service so they said that changeing the pan and fluids would most likely fix the issue. My vehicle was a couple thousand miles away from the recommended service. When the technician wrote up the report he stated possible torque converter problem but went ahead and charged me for a transmission service which took 9 days. They told me to drive it and that it seemed to be better. We drove to Florida the day after we finally picked it up and we did not think we would get back. Took it back to them on Labor Day and was told transmission needed replaced, this is after they collected almost $800 for a worthless service on my original transmission. They took almost 2 more weekend to put in the new transmission, which falls under my warranty, and I have yet got to speak to the service manager. I have left messages and transferred directly to him knowing he is there and he will not answer. I was told on Thursday of this week it would be done by Saturday. Called them twice today and no update other than it's in the shop and they will call me back. I am tired of dealing with this and tired of spending g money on other vehicles while they take their time repairing mi e. This whole ore deal should have cost me $100 deductible and not a service in a bad transmission. I would have expected better from Chrysler. I contacted Chrysler about this and was told I would hear back within 48 hours. This was two weeks ago.

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