Milk and Chocoignored requests for refund

J Aug 11, 2018

I received my 3 items - 2 jumpsuits and a dress on Aug 3 after waiting for around a month for the order to arrive (even though I had paid for 'priority standard mailing') and immediately needed to return the items due to the terrible quality of the fabric and the fact they didn't fit as outlined in their sizing guide.

I emailed them on Aug 4 to ask for the address to return the items to but as I hadn't heard by Aug 6 I re-emailed again. I've been emailing everyday since then as they are not responding to me and their website states we only have 14 days from delivery to return the items so I'm running out of time! I'm going overseas in 4 days from now, so need these items in the mail back to them before I leave.

There was no documentation with the goods when they arrived so no slip with how to return the items were included.

My order number is MC#217874. All I want is the address to return the items to and a full refund for these items which is US$123.90. Oh and that's another thing, I'm in Australia and when I ordered there was no indication that the currency was in USD so I assumed it was AUD - didn't find that out until my payment had been processed!

Thank you.

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