Mikes Famouse Harley Davidsonrip off poor service crooks

ok i bought a full custom bike from mikes famous harley davidson they registerd and taged the bike 2 weeks after i bought it the stater cought fire and burned out the regulator and battery i fixed that no problem 800 dollars later i took it out and it started to make load grinding noises from the belt drive ok turn around and head home the motor shuts off now im on the side of the road a cop pulls up and wants to no why i have a temp car tag on my bike he looks the bike over. guess what no vin number on the bike after a hour of begging and showed him the paper work from the dealership he let me tow it home so i call mikes and they tell me its my problem i bought it as is its fine to drive it with no vin plate cops understand custom bikes are this way so after 2 weeks of fighting with them i had to call the delaware state police then they took the bike to fix the vin numer plate now its 3 weeks later they still have the bike and they have no idea when i can get it back so i asked them with all these problems and time wasted can they fix the electronic ignition so i can have a running bike when i get it back they refuse so i told them i want my money back i dont wont this bike they refuse me again ok how about a trade in on another bike they tell me well it dosnt run so u wont get no where close to what u paid for it so i have to make payments on a bike i cant even look at because its at ther shop because the sold a bike with no vin numbers i called harley financing they dont want to hear it they want there money so i call harley themselfs about the worlds worst dealership well they cant do anything about it i sighned the papers im stuck with the bike so the harleydavidson motor company is standing behing their crooked dealer after riding harleys all my life im grinsding off all my harley tats burning my harley shirts and i think im gona go buy a honda thats how pissed i am dont buy from mikes umwilling to work with you dont stand behind what the sell

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