Mike & Kimeverything

M Aug 02, 2018

Were just bought our heritage glenn 286RL 5th wheel in March of 2018. It was new. Since we're have picked it up.
1-Second trip out, I open the dining room slide and the floor got ripped because when the factory screwed the table down the screw was too long so it ripped the floor. We are told it will only be patched, not happy.
2- the rear ac unit wasn't blowing any air. I took the cover off and discovered that the person that installedit taped completely over the vents. I fixed that.
3 -we began our cross country trip about a month ago, the rear ac stops blowing cold air, got that fixed.
4-On our trip I realise our on board batteries aren't charging. Stopped and got that looked at, the ground white wasn't hooked up.
4- been on the road a couple of weeks and can't seem to get any cable stations. Today I realized the ", park cable" was mislabeled. The blank one was actually the park cable.
These might seem like final things to you be it's been a hassle to us.

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