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It was just after Christmas and I received an email to join a webinar for a “Shopify – Done for You offer”. I’d looked at Shopify but had a lot going on so what they were offering ( I chose the half price $497 package) seemed like a great way to begin. The webinar was a little rough but this guy was a young kid and young kids seem to have the upper hand on all things eCommerce and social media – who hasn’t heard of Evan Spiegel?

Well, Evan Spiegel he is not. Firstly Josh Black isn’t his real name. Its Yosef Kaye. Secondly, we now suspect he flits around different countries to avoid prosecution. Thailand? Always a good place to hide.

The product is pure c***. The “store” I received was the template that Shopify provide for free. No Theme. No list of niches to choose from. No custom logo. No high end products. No PDF containing all their research of my products – which, by the way, were imported from a free app called Oberlo. Would you buy an item from a store with a description copied verbatim from a Chinese seller (grammar errors included) showing stock of 44, 770 and shipping time of 4 weeks? I think not. I wouldn’t either. My complaints were ignored then a couple of responses from “Sanny” who I guess was being paid $2 per hour as a VA as his sign- ins to my store were from the Philippine.

Not quite the “expert staff” they mentioned……

My – obvious- request for a refund was met with an extremely curt message from Mike Dolev ( also not his real name which is Yair Dolev) rude, arrogant and dismissive.First time in almost 2 months I had heard from him or Black.

It obviously means nothing to these young kids that they are taking peoples hard earned money and NOT proving the product or service that they promise to provide. Their money back plus $300 of ads if you’re not happy is not worth the paper it is written on. When I try to log in to my “store” now, I get a log in page for “Annies Anthology” and also for “Trendy Friendly” among others… if these are the names of your stores, then watch out…. they are being free and easy with your information.

The conclusion would be to STAY AWAY. These guys have been reported to Paypal. Complaints have been filed with IC3 and the Federal Trade Commission. Reports have been filed with the FBI and also with the IRS in the US. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have also been notified and we are in the process of contacting the relevant authorities in Sydney Australia, Thailand and in Israel. All of the fake names have been passed over including photographs and all the addresses they use. Their is an attorney looking into a class action lawsuit against them. They will not get away with this. I hope they are waiting for the knock on their door. Its coming.

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