Mijercheating and sold wrong product

J Nov 15, 2017

Hello team,
I am regular buyer from mijer (Loveland, ohio) and I recently bought iphone 6 which has total wireless sim with $35 preloaded card. While buying the phone, I asked the sales person that, is it unlocked phone or not and he responded as "its unlocked phone along with free sim card which you can use it or throw it." I repeated my question for 3 time and he said to me it's unlocked and later when I suspected it could not be and asked him "whether I will be able to return if it does not work" and then he replied "yes, you will be able to return".
As per the surety given by the sales person, I paid $212 and took that phone to home. I inserted my t-mobile sim card to check whether it's unlocked or not and found it does not work; I tried multiple times and I consulted total wireless and they confirmed it's locked phone and you need to be in 12 month contract to unlock your phone.
I reached out to the store and ask customer care department to take back the iphone 6 which is told to me as unlocked and it's not unlocked. They said it cannot be returned as its open box now; I told as it was told to me its unlocked phone I had to open and check and it did not work; that's why I am returning. I bought the phone after the confirmation from the sales person that if it does not work then I would be able to return and now you are not taking it back.
Another person came in and her name was kati, who tried all possible way to blame me that it was my fault and that person told it's locked. I said lets confront him in front of me and they said we cannot. Even there was $35 preloaded sim card offer was there which was not when you bought which was surprise for me. I tried escalated to her manager on next day and her name is "ashley" and she stared saying as per policy we cannot take it back; we could give you that $35 preloaded card. During the discussion another person told us, it is "refurbished" phone and not brand new phone and again I got into new surprise. I requested how can I escalate this issue and they said, you can talk to store director who would be available on thursday.
As I know them now, I tried calling the customer care to connect with "denise" store director on wednesday (A day before he supposed to be there, as per "ashley") and he was there on wednesday; I spoke to him and requested that I would like to resolve the issue and wanted to meet you. He said, "I will be available till 4.30 pm"and then I said, I will be there in sometime to resolve the issue.
When I reached the store, I asked customer care department to connect me with "denise" store director; now customer care person, discussed with someone (Probably ashley) on the phone and said "denise" store director is not available today. I told her I discussed with him and then I came down but they refused to answer me. I tried the customer care number again and now this time "ashley" responded to me saying "'dennis' store director is not available. As suggested please meet him on thursday".
They have cheated on me with wrong information and sold me refurbished phone as a new phone and now they are trying to play all possible way to avoid resolving the problem.

I do not want refurbished locked phone and want mijer to refund back.

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