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We purchased granite countertops from Midwest Stone Sales. OK price, great selection. On installation day we noted the island portion seemed wrong. Contacted the business, and more than two months later we have still resolved nothing. To make a long story short, we finally told them to come and get their island because we were sick of their not calling us, not returning emails, and not performing on any credit they promised (that's putting it nicely because it was a fairly unpleasant discussion by then...) . They agreed to take back the island. Our signed contract with them says they will come and retrieve it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Plainfield, IL They have refused to do so. They think that even though the contract says they will come and get it, that we should deliver all 400 fragile pounds of it. We filed a credit card dispute, so they sent a notice that they are putting a lien on our home. Then they lied to the credit card company to get them to rebill stating that we 'didn't return' the island. So now they are attemtping to get paid TWICE for their mistakes.
We sent the credit card company their emails and lien notice and hopefully that will resolve. Let them file a lien- I'd love to see them in court justifying their behavior.
In the case of this business, buyer beware!

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      Sep 10, 2019


    Thought would help business near us.. Found few slabs we liked and made our selections. They asked us to call for measurement when we have built a box for the waterfall island. We called in, and when the measurer came in, he identified that the 60"x35" island not only needed the 1 side 8" support and other two sides 1.5" support but also four 18" support channels in the middle and also a 2"x4" support at the end of the support channels. Not sure why they needed so much of support for such a small island. The measurer then mentioned that he still can't measure it for the island as we don't have the floor yet (due to waterfall sides). So, I had to call them again for measuring after the floor was installed. This time, the measurer says, the island can't be 35" wide but can only go upto 27" thats because the slab has chips and wont cover the entire area.

    This was a bummer - we had ordered everything else (floor color, cabinet countertop, wall tiles etc) based on the color of the slabs we selected. We couldn't find the slab we picked at Midwest Stone anywhere else. This was a big bummer. We agreed to go with 27" island. The installation was complete. I noticed that the invoice was still at the original estimate and did not exclude the 6+ sq ft of reduction in slab. When I called them they mentioned that there were two measures made and hence that compensated for the difference. I wasn't even aware that they were going to charge for the measurement every time they come in. And moreover, it was not my fault that they have to come in twice - they never mentioned that the floor needed to be in place before they came in to measure.

    Also, charging $145 for driving to a home to measure which is less than 3 minutes away is outrageous.

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