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My daughter and I each had a membership with Midnight Sun and Cruise for unlimited tanning for $18.88 each per month if we allowed automatic withdrawals from my checking account. To end these memberships I was told I would need to mail them a written letter stating when our memberships would end. I did this on March 25, 2009. I did call at the end of April, just before our membership was to end, to make sure they had received my letter but was told there was no way they could tell me that. The receptionist told me I should have sent the letter through Registered Mail. I was never told to send it through Register Mail. The Receptionist said they tell everyone to send the letter Register Mail and that was not a true statement. I was never told that. I was not allowed to call their bookkeeping office and could not ever get a call back from a Manager about if they had received my letter. I did call May 1, 2009 and asked if my membership was cancelled. The Receptionist said yes. No payments were taken out of my checking account in May, but in June, July and August, MS&C has taken out 4 payments of $18.88 from my checking account. I called Midnight Sun & Cruise and asked to speak to a Manager. I am told a manager will call me. I have received no response. I have filed a dispute with my bank and put a stop payment on any September payment MS&C tries to take out. The only response I have received is the receptionist saying my daughter's membership was not cancelled. My daughter's name was clearly on the letter I sent them and no payments were taken out in the month of May for either of us. I cannot get any response as to why they started taking payments out of my checking account again. I gave a copy of my letter and they said they will try to help me get my money back.


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      Sep 12, 2009

    I signed up for the 18.88 unlimited tanning with Midnite Sun & Cruise. My contract was to take a minimum of 6 payments automatically from my checking account on the 1st of each month. After six payments I cancelled my membership and still got charged a 50 dollar cancellation charge. Why?

    Well lets start with the details that the stores receptionist didnt explain to me when I signed up.

    A. When you sign up the initial month is not included in the the 6 auto payments because your paying that in the store until your account is set up.

    B. They have to receive a written cancellation notice from you and mailed to them in order to cancel. Certified mail is recommended on their website but it just wasnt explained to me. (To their credit I didn't send my certified but they accepted it anyway.)

    C. They must receive your cancellation weeks before the 1st of the month or they will continue to bill you for at least the next

    D. Here is the best one. After your 6th payment if you cancel before the following month is over you are considered still under your membership and charged with early cancellation.

    So technically how do you cancell without the charge? This happened to me and their manager at the Holland location just explained it that way. I think you have to do 7 payments and then your in the clear enough for the membership cancellation.

    Sound confusing? It is supposed to be!!! Its a money maker for them. Their fee was charged less than a week shy of the end of my membership that I had already paid for! What?!

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      Oct 19, 2009

    I signed up for a 6 month contract with Midnight Sun and Cruise thinking I was getting this great deal. Unlimited tanning in the Instant beds for $68 a month. I was at the front of a growing long line and was rushed to sign. I tanned all thru my 6 months. Month 7 came along and I noticed that a withdrawl came out of my bank account. So I went in and was told that I didnt read the fine print, what I signed was an ongoing contract and that it is cancelled when I cancel it. So I was given the choice of a number to call or an address to mail my cancelation to. I got the number, called the number, they looked me up and told me I was good to go. Month 8 comes along and it happens again so I go to the store and they gave me an address to mail a letter to. I mailed the letter. Month 9 and AGAIN, the same thing happend. So now Im pretty ticked off bc that is a total aprox of $210 and IM NOT EVEN TANNING! I called and asked to talk to a manager and she told me that because I didnt send my letter certified they have no way of proving that I did send the letter and the number that I called (I lost) doesnt exist. There is no way I can verbally cancel my contract. So basically I am crazy. The manager told me that the most she (and I) can do is write an email to the General Manager and wait for her response. I waited 4 days and called. I was able to talk to the GM bc she happend to be in the store and again I was told there was nothing I could do but REsend the letter certified and again pay one more installment on $68.88. AWESOME. I looked up the website and found a corporate number but you arent able to talk to anyone, you have to talk to an employee who has to "pass on the message" and the only people available to talk to are the GMs.

    My bank is willing to help me dispute it but without the actual proof that I did write the letter I think I am screwed.

    The worst decision I made was giving Midnite Sun and Cruise my debit card number and not sending a letter certified.

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