Middelburg Beach Car Service Citypoor workmanship and dishonesty

J Aug 06, 2018

My car, Toyota Camry, was serviced by Middelburg Car Service City on 31 May 2016. I ask Car Service City to do major service since I had bought as second hand 2002 model.. A new timing kid was replaced but with a wrong size kid causing permanent severe engine performance decline. I went back to Middelburg Car Service city to report the defects and I was told that my car defects are not related to the service done on the vehicle. I took the vehicle three times to have it checked but they convinced me that the symptoms are as a result that the car is not new and I believe them. I

On 10 February 2017, I took my car for engine diagnostic check at Auto Carb because of complete engine poor performance. The car could not idle on its own. The diagnostic machine diagnose timing out as a problem and I could not associate that with poor service from Car Service city. Auto Carb changed timing belt, idler pulley and timing belt tensioner. Auto Carb staff management told me that they went on to change the belts because they suspected that I took my car to a back door mechanic not a professional mechanic due to obviously very unwarranted deviations found on the vehicle.

I made a complain to the Car Service City manager (Mike) who promised investigate my complain and get back to me. I went back to lodge a formal complaint with Mike's manager but only to find the place closed and not in operation. I call Car Service City Franchise and explained to them my ordeal and they informed me that the place is closed. They further repudiate my claim to compensate because the car service warranty was voided when I took my car to another mechanic. This incident warranty a criminal investigation.

My argument is that Middelburg Car Service City did not even had a diagnostic machine to diagnose the problem. I never thought that a reputable company like Car Service City could be so reckless and use wrong spares to service a car.

The timing belt was too long and slippery. CV joints were just greased but not replaced. Thermostat was cut and modified from its OEM specification without my consent. Wrong transmission oil was used.

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