Midasmidas brake package

S Aug 02, 2019

I took my car (Toyota Corolla) to Midas 800 Marine Dr., to service the brakes, because sometimes I heard a bit squeal noise when I use the brake during going backwards. They charged me 151$ to service brake packages. When I gave back my car, I felt that the brake was hard, also the squeal noises increased. After that, I always heard bad squeal noise anytime I was depressing the brake. Also a hissing sounds added, too. I should say that they didn't fix anything, just they made the performance of my car brakes downed.
After several days, I forced to turnback to the Midas to check it again. They told me that the booster is failed and I should pay 955$ to fix it!!. Unfortunately, their bad services, lead to my car brake package failed. I wonder, that they say Trust the Midas Touch! I complain about their work, because they caused my car brakes to down.

midas brake package
midas brake package

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