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we puchased a on march 06, 09 a 2000 chevy Blazer, We had it less than 24 hours and it had Problems so i took it back and they would not refund us
on March 6, 09 we put 3000 down on a 2000 chevy blazer Less than 24 hours it had problems, so i called them and Jake was like drive it untill tuesday and i told them no. i didnt want to be responsible for it if it broke more. so we took it in the next day with my uncle and it broke down on the highway, i had my 2 children with me. and we were like 10 miles from them so they brought there "machenic out" and we drove it to the dealership. it was the Oxegen sensor. we wanted out money back and they wouldnt give us the Money back, he kept saying the manger wouldnt let the refund happen. and he wouldnt let us talk to the Manger. so they were like leave for 1hr so we left with my uncle. we came back and i guess the Jake Payed for the oxgen sensor to be fixed. which was fine but we didnt want the vehicle. then the Abs light was on and the Fuelpump was going out. they said there "mechanic" looks at them. and the vehicle has problems becuase there "Used" and then VEARL said that sometimes the Mechanic forgets to put the parts on the vehicles. (still no refund). so we payed 2 payments on it. the third one was due and we couldnt pay it because we had to fix the FUELPUMP which was 261.99. so i called Vearl and he said thats fine we will work something out. and we went up there 2 hours after we fixed it and he said no the manger said you have to leave it here. so i said i want my money back. the guy took us home. before that i said what you want us to pay the payment so we can fix it and you guys reposes it and sell it for a higher price and he said "maybe".Well as of now they have the vehicle still and i still dont have no REFUND.VEARL would not let me talk to the manger he said there are 2 manger and he wouldnt let me talk to niether of them.i told them at the beginng then what was the point of the 30 days or 1000 mile warrenty. well i want my 3000 back and 261.99 for the fuelpump.and they used to be midamerica auto sales in stillwell and now there in Kansas city Ks underneath 7th street Auto sales.and Jake and there "mechanic" no longer are there. i dont think there mechanic looks at the vehicles and

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