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We had a tow company in the same building, with a similar name. They moved and changed their address to a PO box. After several attempts to notify the post office to this problem, they could not resolve. The automatic reader only reads the first part of the name. I haven't gotten a phone bill in 6months because of this problem. Mail would get returned to sender wioth po box number and we would never get our mail. We tried to getr our mail when the tow company would check the box. Several times they have taken our customer checks and deposited them. I have had to chase down money for several months and I am getting ready to file a fraud complaint. I even tried to come in the location and have a manager check to see if my mail had gotten accidently forwarded. The post office was aware of this issue from day 1, and refused to do anything about it. Thanks to the post office, I had to change the name of our business, to ensure I would get my bills and money from customers. This is the most radiculous action I have ever had to take because the post office screwsed up our mail.

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