[Resolved] Michelle McCollum and Derrick McCollumdirect express card and the fraud department

M Aug 02, 2019

To whom it may concern I am homeless because of this company me and my husband are we are sleeping our car I have made several attempts trying to reach the fraud department and never could get any further.also I was calling them they never sent me a fraud report form I also went to the Social security administration and they have made several attempts trying to contract them about this this matter.they are very rude and ungodly to customers also all the information I gave them we're accurate as well.van someone please contact me I need my SSI check from off my debt card through Derict express information is Michelle McCollum and my phone number is [protected] also my address is 4830 University Blvd e apt E1 Tuscaloosa Al.35404

  • Resolution Statement

    To whom it may concern I am homeless due to direct Express card putting a block on my card I have been trying to get ahold of the fraud department for months.custermer sevice never help me I have gave them the information that was needed I need this issue resolved my phone number is [protected] my date of birth is [protected] University Blvd East Apt E1 Tuscaloosa Al 35404 I need my money back and I the fraud department to get in contact with me and released my funds due to this issue I have been homeless and had to come live with my mom.also my bills are due and I have been hospitalized because of stress do to this promblem.i need some help the last address we stayed at was 600 Flint Hill Lane in Bessemer Al now I'm having the same problem with customer service and the fraud department they never help me when I try to call I'm deaf and blind also.and I need my money back I'm on social security income.

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