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We built a home in Woodberry which is located in Fairfield Township. Our builder was Drees and they did a wonderful job on our house. Shortly after we moved in MI Homes took over the subdivision. MI Homes have built all of their homes higher than the existing Drees homes and have graded the yards to drain down into the yards of the existing Drees homes. I have a raging river running through my yard because I now have 2 yards to the right of my house that is draining into my yard and 3 yards to left of me draining into my yard. Here's the kicker, the 3 to the left of me are graded to drain up hill. I was told by MI Homes that they are following the nature flow of the land, since when is it natural to have water flow up hill? Next the proceed to tell me that it's Drees Homes fault for the water problem we are now experiencing since MI Homes built on these lots. Now, does that make sense? It wasn't Drees Homes that changed the grade of the yard, it was MI Homes.
Next, we have had our yard damaged by the MI Homes Contractors. They have driven into our yard 4 times now and I'm not talking about driving up on the curb, I'm talking about driving over the curb and over the sidewalk and right up into the front yard. I called the MI Homes Office and they proceede to tell me that they are not responsible for the damage because they have NO EMPLOYEES, they sub contract the people that build the homes and this releases them from any responsibility of damage they may cause. So is this true for any bad workmanship on their homes? All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!
On 4/14/2011 I was cutting my grass. There was a guy on a bobcat smoothing out some of the yards of the houses they have completed. The house next door to ours is almost finished and when I started cutting the grass next to that MI Home the guy on the bobcat hurried over to that yard and started running the bobcat up and down the property line. He didn't go slow when he did it, it was like he had the thing floored and was flying as fast as he could up and down the line. The whole time he did this he would come up next to me to where he was about 4 inches away from me. I proceeded to go in the backyard where it was fenced in and hoped that he would finish what ever it was he was doing so I could finish cutting the side yard next to the house he was at. Every time I would walk close to the fence line that was next to the yard of the MI Home he would race the bobcat up to the fence and drop the bucket real hard at the fence line and then start dragging it backward. As I went back out front there was the bobcat guy standing there talking with the MI Homes Site Supervisor and they were looking over my way and laughing really loud.
I don't have an MI Home and after this experience I would NEVER consider or buy a MI HOME. If any of my friends ever think about an MI Home I will do my best to talk them out of it. These people are NASTY and MEAN. I even had the site supervisor scream at me that they OWN the whole neighborhood and they could do anything they wanted. He then said that normal law doesn't apply in our neighborhood because it is still being developed. What is wrong with these people? After talking with some of the other home owners in the subdivision I found out that most of the Drees Home Owners are being treated this way.

Flooding our Yard
Flooding our Yard


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    M/I Blows Sep 28, 2011

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    Brenda R G T Jul 01, 2019

    My house is literally splitting in half and MI will not allow us to use warranty and fix our foundation. This has been ongoing since January and we've been met with resistance since then. We just want repairs made in our home.

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    Krishna768971 Aug 04, 2019

    Complaining about my MI TV 32". My TV has defects in display. It's been 3months I bought it. Please Call me at 9871925972

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