Metro Ford in Schenectadyservice on my f450 super duty

S Aug 16, 2018

My truck needed to have the turbos replaced as when I went to my own mechanic he informed of what was wrong but could not do the work. I then had my trucked towed to Metro Ford that way I didn't harm anything in the truck with them being bad. This happened on 7/30/2018 when the truck was dropped off to the dealership. They took 2 weeks to fix the truck and called me on 8/9/2018 to pick the truck up that it had been finished. I picked my truck up and drove it home where it sat that night and I then got in it the next morning to drive to work and I then broke down with my truck not even driving it 60 miles and my truck completely shut off no warning lights or anything just stopped running. After sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow it ended up back at the dealership. They didn't want to give me another truck to drive and wanted to charge me to find out what was wrong with it. I proceeded to tell them it had to have been something when you worked on it seeing as my truck ran when brought into you. They called me on 8/14/2018 to tell me that my motor had gone and that they weren't responsible for anything they did to it. they said it was nothing they did and needed the truck back they gave me to drive. When I showed up they offered me to trade it in but never said they would make right by all this. I know its horrible business when none of the staff want to try and help in anyway and leave messages when we call on how maybe next time you will pick up when we call. very unprofessional in so many ways. If I don't get a resolve to any of this I will be going to the State Attorney Generals office and Better Business Bureau. I would like some kind of rectification to this seeing as something happened from the time I dropped this truck off to the time I picked it up.

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