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Victoria Martin Mar 14, 2018
HarassmentAngel Castor
She works at the Liberty ,Tx store and is posting things on Facebook about me and is harassing me over something that has never happened at all. I want it stopped are I will put charges on her for posting on social media . I am in closing a picture of what she has posted.
Thank you
PS my last name was Edmonds but I am Martin have been for 14 years now .
Attn Tina

What is this?

Gie Escobido Nov 27, 2017
What is this?What is the meaning of this?

Shipping Issues what's with this?

Gie Escobido Nov 27, 2017
Shipping Issues what's with this?What's with this? What is the issue of my package? Hoping for your fast reply.

Package Killers

B Nov 17, 2017
Package KillersJust in the last 3 weeks of October / November of 2017 UPS has delivered hundreds of dollars of packages to me and all with the exception of 2 were damage beyond belief. I purchase a 4" Exhaust system for my Diesel via MBRP and the UPS drive backs in my driveway and opens the back door. I see on the floor a box that looked like it been to hell and back and then back to hell again. I said to the drive I hope that is not my box?? His reply yep! It was ripped open and all four corners of the box were crushed. The pipes were hanging out of box and all ends were bent out of round. $400.00 worth now known as junk cause of UPS. I also had several boxes shipped from Arizona 4 - 5 times with electronic items that were destroyed by UPS. So the last two pictures are how FedEx ships a MBRP box see the difference no damage at all. Go FedEx

Buffalo wild wings with feathers

Darin phillips Nov 06, 2017
Buffalo wild wings with feathersI ordered wings to go and when I got to my room and started eating I realized one of my wings was cooked with feathers still on the wing!

Sports cam water proof

Asanka Kumara Oct 05, 2017
Sports cam water proofI receive my sports cam but it is not working properly and display have some problem

Quaility of food served

Steven Oct 01, 2017
Quaility of food servedFrench fries that look like they swept the floor with stop trying to save a buck go back to steakfries employes not washing hands while handaling food way to much garnishes on food being served you have to many employee's standing around you charge way to much for the quality of food severed to the public thats not what dave thomas would have wanted these are the fries i was served they were cold look like they swept floor with them stores in northattleboro mansfield.

Photos continue

Eastside 49 Sep 07, 2017
Photos continuePics of cab driver by witnes
And others evidence