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Merged Complaints

Rick Laflamme - Deep fryer/ pressure cooker
Booking.com - confirmed reservation cancelled by hotel
Carnival Cruise Lines - refund/postpone to later date
Mercedes Benz Bryanston - service
Wish.com - Deep fryer
Wish.com - Deep fryer/ pressure cooker
Pegushunt Consultancy - Recruitment Consultancy
Rama Deals - Mop
Bell Canada - Bell sales and service
Target Store - online purchasing on target.com
PC Riv - electric stove (invoice number 64-10506030)
Yahoo! - Cant Receive Mails to an Specific Sender
Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes - Hurricane Shutter set #9 and standing water issues
Petsmart - Pethotel
Al Klopfer - Fake Professional Drummer - Al Klopfer (Albert Edward Klopfer, Jr./ McLean, Virginia) - THE FAKE DRUMMER...
First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Clearance Letter Release
Citizens Bank - Concerns with Citizens Bank security policy and implementation
Svcgs - Fraudulent activity
Attorney Scott McMillan San Diego La Mesa - Legal Malpractice Fraud Lawsuit Scott McMillan Michelle Volk La Mesa
Seatwave - ticket number #1993985
aliexpress - battery irobot roomba
Air India - Baggage lostt
Chris - poor delivery/ no delivery
Private Tour: Amsterdam City Walking Tour - Amsterdam Walking Tour
Hardee's Restaurants - unprofessional behavior
TapJoy - Design home
TapJoy - Design Home
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Restoring power
Marine Noble, Watertown, MA - identity theft, impersonation, libels, harassment, stalking, defamation
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Unfair treatment causing delays
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Outage restoraion
New York City Housing Authority - garbage location
AVG - Renewal of annual subscription, duplicate charges.
Dairy Queen - wrongful termination part 2
Tai hong sau - Motor vehicle: ford ranger 4 x 4 x lt 2.2 l auto
福特汽车 FORD MOTOR COMPANY - 雾水挡风玻璃 & 汽车发动机问题- 修理超过10次 !
Builders 4U Construction South Africa - Unethical behaviour during Home Construction
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB] - al wada mall branch negligence
Tommy Hilfiger - Bad customer service and Rude attitude
Carnival Cruise Lines - reschedule cruise
Wish.com - Mens luxury stainless steel automatic calender tourbillon watches sapphire waterproof mechanical skeleton black watch
Vueling Airlines SA - Aircraft
Permits And Visas - My Visa Approved Thanks Permits and Visas
Permits And Visas - Permits and Visas Visa is Granted
JB Properties - Apartment Housing
1970 - Electricity
Shoppers Drug Mart - Pharmacy
Shoppers Drug Mart - Pharmacy
United Parcel Service [UPS] - UPS Courier Refused to Make Home Delivery
Patel Packers & Movers, Mumbai - international movement household items
H.E.B. Pharmacies - Statewide (TX) - Pharmacies
iHerb - Why didn't I get my full order?
Auto Loss - Auto Diminished value Reports
TapJoy - tapjoy rewards/design home
Bay State Clinical Trials, Marina Noble, MPH - harassment, hooliganism, stalking, endless libels, scandals
Auto Loss Inc. - auto diminished value reports
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - restoring power
United Parcel Service [UPS] - ups courier refusing to make delivery
Shoppers Drug Mart - pharmacy
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - electricity
iHerb - why didn't I get my full order?
H.E.B. Pharmacies - Statewide (TX) - pharmacies
Atlantic International Couriers Andheri East, Mumbai - international movement of household items
Vueling Airlines SA - cancellation
Permits And Visas - canada visa is approved
Wish.com - hd print unframed painting dragons canvas wall art 5pcs
Carnival Cruise Lines - refund for cruise
JB Properties - osu apartment housing
Tommy Hilfiger - rude behavior and bad service @ tommy petaluma outlet ca
AVG - subscription renewal; duplicate sales on credit card statement, but still not renewed.
Dairy Queen - wrongful termination
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - outage
New York City Housing Authority - garages location
Florida Power & Light [FPL] - power restoration
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB] - delay and negligence of your staff
Builders 4U Construction South Africa - unethical behaviour building contractor
aliexpress - irobot battery high quality 4.5 ah
Ford Motor Company - misty windscreen & engine problem (no solution given after ten times trying!)
First Gulf Bank [FGB] - clearance letter release
Hardee's Restaurants - unethical behavior
Private Tour: Amsterdam City Walking Tour - amsterdam walking tour
Al Klopfer - Fake Professional Drummer - ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...
ABX Express (M) Sdn Bhd - poor delivery / no delivery
Air India - baggage lost ref no fcoai10350
Seatwave - ticket number #1993985
Scott Mcmillan Attorney San Diego Mcmillan Academy Of Law - mcmillan academy of law founder scott mcmillan fraud lawsuit
SVCGS.com 855-3319531 TN - fraudulent activities with my checking account
Citizens Bank - concerns with citizens bank security policy and implementation
Rama Deals - mop
Bell Canada - internet and sales
Target Store - red card customer service/ general customer service
PC Richard & Son - electric stove (invoice number 64-10506030)
Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes - hurricane shutter, standing water issues
Petsmart - pethotel
Yahoo Mail - can't receive mails to a specific sender
Wish.com - deep fryer/ pressure cooker
Pegushunt Consultancy - recruitment consultancy
Mercedes Benz Bryanston - service
Booking.com - booking.com
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