Mercure Hotel Ismailia Egyptroom almost falling apart

I booked the 3 bedrooms sea view challet which is supposed to be their best and the price is even more than the most luxorious and modern in Cairo.
First evening I discovered that the water heater is not working and the shower is broken. I complaind and they fixed it. after one hour and I had to wait for 2 more to get hot watre.
All of us were coughing during the night because the bed covers were full of dust and also under the furniture and behind the beds. I complained and they cleaned it and changed the covers.
Second evening, the sink in one of the 2 toilets (which is cracked) as well as the kitchen sink were blocked (not draining water).
I asked if they have a better challet to move into because almost all of them were closed, they admitted that all of them are in the same condition and will be closed after one month to be renovated.
The furniture in general is less than basic, floor is ceramic and children almost slipped on it a few times. The kitchen ware is Aluminum and scratched Tefal. On the third morning there was no gas and it was time to leave.

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