Menards treats their "contracted" delivery service like a piece of crap, even though their motto is "making the delivery service happy" why have so many of their "contracted" delivery services quit them. I, for one, did end up quitting because of a foul mouth manager who thought that he could tell me how to run and load my truck. If I remember correctly, if I get pulled over in the truck, it's my responsibility. Of course, I'm fighting to money that is owed to me for hauling...Then I start looking into other complaints...Oh My!!! Better Business Bureau has them rated with an F. I would love to see complaints from other previous hauling services...Hope you all got your money... I would love to know how you did it!!!


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    Menards Sks Oct 21, 2009

    I signed up with Menards in Jan 2008 and they said nothing about any stores going in nearby. 2months after I start I read that they are building another store 20 miles from me. When the new store went in my deliveries dropped by 50%.

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